Five Common Symptoms Of Menopause

I have been having a bit of a mid-life crises these past few months. When I turned 50 last year, I started a lot of reflective thinking. I think we all go through this when we reach a certain age where we look back on our accomplishments and failures. We wonder if we should have done this or not done that or taken this career path or seized that opportunity. Of course there are things I wish I would have done differently, but there are many I am glad I did just the way I did them. Another reason for my crises is I have been approaching menopause, which to me means I am getting really old! If you are over the age of 40, you may need to know what the common symptoms of menopause are. Although the median age to go through menopause is 51, it can occur anywhere from age 40 through 61. Here are some things to look for:

5 Most Common Symptoms Of Menopause

The 5 Top Symptoms Of Menopause

  1. Irregular Periods: My periods have always been right on schedule, so when they began to be late and not as long, I knew something was up. Although you can see irregular periods for years before menopause begins, if you are like me, once they start, menopause is not long behind. A symptom I was heading for menopause was my periods began to be less frequent, very light and lasted for just a few days.
  2. Hot Flashes: I have always been hot natured, so the hot flashes were not as clear of a symptom for me. Hot flashes are caused by hormonal changes and are usually in the neck, face and chest. They can range from mild to severe and can make you quite uncomfortable. I carry a cold pack with me so if I have a hot flash, I can treat it quickly.
  3. Night Sweats: Another symptom, which is caused by a drop in estrogen, are night sweats.  These episodes of sweating occur at night and can range from dampening your clothing to soaking the bed.
  4. Irritability: Here is another one I have not enjoyed so much! My kids and husband especially are not big fans of the irritability. I am usually an easy going person but lately, it seems the slightest thing can get on my nerves!
  5. Weight Gain: As if I did not have enough of an issue with this one! As we get older, it is harder to lose weight. Once we hit menopause, it gets even harder as weight is more stubborn and harder to lose. Yay!


If you think you may be heading for or are already in menopause, your doctor can run tests to confirm. When I was offered the opportunity to try Estroven, which uses naturally sourced ingredients, I was very excited. There is a line of products from Estroven which treat the symptoms of menopause naturally and safely. It was also one of the products my doctor suggested I try when I saw him in January. I was sent the Estroven Weight Management supplements and I have already noticed some changes. I have only been taking them for about 3 weeks, so there I did not expect to see any significant changes in my weight. I have been taking the supplements in the morning and in the evening as directed. I have lost 5 pounds, which I am confidant is a mixture of the Estroven Weight Management, healthy eating ans walking. I am also sleeping much better at night and have seen a decline in my level of irritability.

The Estroven line provides several products which treat multiple menopause symptoms. In addition to the regular hot flashes and night sweats, women can also suffer from lowered energy, memory losses, mood swings, loss of libido and others. Because more than a million women choose Estroven products each year, it has become the #1 pharmacist recommended product of over the counter supplements which treat menopause. I love that the products are safe, non-toxic and are natural. You can purchase the Estroven products in most retail and online stores which sell OTC products to treat menopause and a 30 day supply costs an average of $16. Currently, you can see  how Estroven Weight Management is changing ways and access to a $5 off coupon. 5 USA readers will win 3 boxes of Estroven Weight Management ARV $50.

Are you experiencing menopause symptoms, and if so, which ones and how do you treat them?


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