Road construction signs, bring an extra element of safety and protection to those on the road. Lack of signage during times of construction or road updates, can lead to hazardous situations. From experience, it is good to note that it is better to be on the “abundant” side of having road construction signs that not! One false move, because of a lack of signage, and that could end up being a destructive or at least a very expensive problem at hand.

 Thus, we want to share with you some of our best types of road construction signs, to help with any current or future projects.

What are construction signs designed to do?

Construction signs have the ability to communicate a plethora of specific messages. However, the bottom line for all the messages are warnings of danger. In fact, danger signs are the top signs for job sites that OSHA requires. These signs are designed to warn employees and workers have the highest risk areas.

If you can perceive that a certain project or site has extreme danger, whether by severe injury or death then it is in everyone’s best interest to have danger signs incredibly visible. Those signs are designed, of course, to keep everyone safe, but also to keep from having unnecessary liabilities transpire.

It’s hard to know exactly what is going on when construction vehicles are on site. However,

bold and clearly marked construction signs warn workers or traffic of what is ahead. It can give drivers a clear indication that they need to be clear to slow down, and that they need to follow the messaging on the signage.

Even when there is very evident construction at hand, people may not automatically perceive what to do, or what to look out for. Especially, if they are in their own “zone”, they may not even register it is time to switch gears and really pay attention to what is going on! Having the right signage, can “jerk” them out of the zone to pay attention.

Proper construction signage helps to give a speed range to drivers, to know how to reform their driving pace.They can also be used to help direct construction road crews, and to inhibit loiters from being in the mix. Of course,ultimately to provide and maintain safety all around.

What color are construction signs and why?

The construction industry thrives on having colored signs, to help boldly and clearly communicate, what is happening in a given area. To know and understand them well, will help you to know what might work best for your needs.


This color is typically used for guide signs, pointing out exactly where you are. As well as the distance and which way to go.


Blue signs let you know that there are services nearby. Those services include hospitals, gas stations, rest areas and lodging.


Yellow signs are created to get your attention! They let you know, a warning is at hand.

Instructing  traffic, that it needs to slow down, drive with caution, or any other kind of general warning.

Ever so often a sign might pop up, that is yellow green with black words.

In that case, this kind of sign is warning you about hazards, or even “possible” hazards that are nearby on the roadway.


The color brown is used mainly in recreation areas and parks. You may also see them at campsites.


Orange is the most classic color for construction work ahead. This color warns us to be vigilant, and alert that there could be dangers ahead due to construction, or maintenance activities.

Construction signage signals that traffic is to reduce their speed, and to actively keep an eye out for workers who might be helping to direct traffic (as well as workers).

How do construction signs keep workers safe?

On a basic human to human level, having safety signs, sends a strong message to contract workers and employees that you really care about their safety. It communicates that you have thought of everything that could happen, and you have done your part to make sure that everyone is safe.

Proper signage also encourages gaining and retaining your team members.When people feel safe and protected they want to work for you.

If they don’t feel protected and feel like their health and safety is on the line, that’s a risk all around.It makes it a lot easier for employees to go look for other work. Not only that, people talk! When employees are not happy about something important, the gossip and influence to “find other work”, gets hyped up a bit more.

Of course, the biggest benefit for workers, is that it prevents fatalities. You can greatly reduce fatalities (probably even bringing fatalities down to zero), simply by having the proper signage installed.

Signs keep construction workers safe because they may not always know what else is happening on a site. There could very well be other projects going on simultaneously, which they are not aware of. The signs can give work an indication about any additional hazards.

Additional hazards could include falling objects. Construction signs can signal the presence of chemicals and gases, or that large vehicles could be present at any time.

Where can I buy or rent construction signs?

You can buy or rent construction signs at Worksafe Traffic Control Industries. We have a variety of signage, for any kind of construction project, feel free to give us a call or shoot us an email. We would love to be of service to you and help you choose the best construction signs for your project!

In closing, we hope this has helped you understand the gravity of having the right construction signs on your job sites. It covers everyone and everything, from an abounding amount of haphazard situations that don’t need to happen.

Again, if you need any consultation or sign recommendations, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We would love to be a support to you!