Traveling allows you to experience new cultures and cuisines and will give you a lifetime of happy memories to look back on. One thing you might notice when you get back though is that you have some travel money left over. But what could you do with it once you have converted it back into dollars? One option is to use it to play online casino games in order to win more. Players in Pennsylvania can log onto the Hollywood online slots site to do this, and there are plenty of other online operators for those in other states where online gambling is legal.

That is just one way you could use your spare travel money when you get back home though. But what other options are there?

Put it in your savings account

This may not be as exciting as some of the other things we will look at, but it is one option worth thinking about. Rather than spending your spare cash, you could simply deposit it in your local bank savings account. Although the annual interest rate may not be great, it does offer an easy and safe way to put your money to one side for a rainy day. Of course, you could simply put it into savings to use on your next trip.

Invest it

If you like the idea of putting your spare travel dollars to work but want more excitement than putting them in your savings account, why not think about investing the money? The added bonus with investment is that you should see a much better return on your cash than by putting it on deposit. While a bank account may only offer around 2% interest per year, some investments can return 5% or more annually.

Investing is a big area with many assets you could put money into, such as crypto trading, stocks, the Forex market, bonds and property. It is vital to do your research and know what you are doing before investing. The one upside with using extra money is that you will not feel as much pressure around losing it.

Treat yourself

If you fancy being a bit freer with your money, you could always simply opt to buy yourself a treat. Spare cash like this is ideal for picking up that new pair of shoes, a new video game or updating your mobile phone to something like the feature-packed Samsung Galaxy Note 7. In all probability, you may not be able to justify splurging on items like this in normal life. There is nothing like a bit of retail therapy to help you adjust to life after a holiday after all! Many people will choose this route when having some spare money to spend and a shopping spree is the perfect encore to any trip away.

Throw a welcome back party

If you have been away for a few weeks or more, you could always use the cash to throw a welcome home bash to see all your family and friends. This gives you an ideal chance to catch up with them all and to tell them all about your break. Simply find a venue that you can afford to hire and set some money aside to hire a DJ or band. With this in place, you will be all ready for a top night!

Give it to charity

One socially responsible way that you could use leftover cash when you get back is to give it to charity. As the money was already budgeted for, you will not miss it, and it could really help those in need. If you have a few different charities close to your heart, then you could spread the amount you have to use around them. With more of us now becoming aware of those less fortunate in society, this is a great opportunity to do something about it personally. Not only will it make a big difference to the people who your money will help support, it will make you feel that you have done something positive.

Many ways to use spare holiday money

Going away for a break is really cool but having spare money to use when you get back is almost as good. The above tips are perfect for using it in a variety of ways, and you can even split your extra money across them if you have enough. Whatever you decide to do with it, having cash left over is always a nice surprise.