If you are like gazillions of women, you carry a purse. They say our accessories are an extension of ourselves and therefore our personalities. Our fashion accessories say a lot about who we are because they are an outward expression of us. Some of us are busy moms, some are career women and some are fancy free world travelers. What kind of purse do you carry and what does your purse say about you? You may be surprised at what you find!

What Your Purse Says About You Pin

What Your Purse Says About You

  1. Size: If you carry a large bag or tote, this means your life is most likely interesting, fulfilling, and you love to learn. If you carry a mid-sized bag, you may be someone who plays it safe and you do a lot of research before you make decisions. If you carry a small purse, you probably do not need a lot in life to make you happy. You just need a few people you love and love you and a handful of essentials and you are good to go.
  2. Contents: If your bag is full of old candy wrappers, crumbled tissues and loose change, you are probably too busy to worry over a clean purse. The opposite is probably true of your home which is organized and spotless. If you have just the basics you need like your keys, checkbook and wallet, you are efficient, productive and really organized. If you have everything but your essentials, you are a happy go lucky spirit who is more creative than practical.
  3. Type: If you love bold colors or graphic prints, I bet you are fearless, have a great sense of humor and are proud of your individuality. If you like a little bling bling, you are open, easy going and very confidant. A woman with handles on her purse is usually responsible, dependable and can handle whatever comes her way who likes to be in charge. A hobo style bag means you have a hectic schedule but you somehow seem to get it all done with your amazing time management skills.

I am a woman who does love her handbags and I have a pretty good number of them. I have several different types but I do like a larger bag with a handle. It is great when I can find a bag big enough to hold what I need and look great as well. With the Red Faux Leather Studded Tote Handbag from Pink Basis, I get what I need and a whole lot more. You can purchase this chic and stylish bag on the Pink Basis website for just $60. This bag is perfect for running errands, going out on the town or a business meeting.

This Pink Basis bag says bigger is better, and I tend to agree. When you are a busy mom who is always on the go, you need a bag that can handle my load. I carry all my essentials and stuff for the kids, so I need a roomy bag. This bag goes great with a pair of jeans and flip flops as well as it goes with a dress and heels. The crinkle faux leather texture has a structured shape, a high polished metal lock with a hidden key dangle, sassy studded trim, and a front faux zipper detail. The inner compartments offer a ton of storage space with a button closure as well as a back pocket with zipper, double handle, and a removable shoulder strap. No matter if you are a fashionista, a mom or a career woman, this bag is just right for you! Be sure to follow Pink Basis on Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.

What does your bag say about you?