Bikini Bridge
The wrong end of a Bikini Bridge

People get bored and they like to stir up trouble. Good thing all the kids went back to school today. People who have too much time on their hands dreamt up the bikini bridge and became featured on ABC and other major networks. So is the bikini bridge the new thigh gap? Does it matter to you? What is the bikini bridge supposed to be anyway?

A bikini bridge is supposed to be a selfie of you laying on your back looking between your hip bones and belly. That space (if there is one) would be a bikini bridge. Silly boys! They just want to see down your pants. This mom of 3 boys and just over 40 should bare pics of my bikini bridge! Stretchmarks and baby dimples and a little bit of gravity has treated me well! Good thing I love me..oh and it was a great into to Lipo Bronze from Fake Bake.

There is something to be said about a healthy glow to your skin. It makes you look fresh, young, radiant and all around great! There are many ways to get this glow, some for the inside and some for the outside. For the inside, you can eat garlic every day as it has shown to give skin a more youthful appearance and is a known cancer fighter. Drinking plenty of OJ can keep your skin looking smooth and youthful because Vitamin C is essential for the production of collagen. Taking a multivitamin every day will also help give you nice healthy skin. For your skin directly, you should keep your hot showers down to a minimum, exfoliate every day and stay out of the direct sun without the proper SPF. What about a nice healthy tan? Would you like to know how can you stay tanned and toned all year round? With Lipo Bronze from Fake Bake, you can get a great looking tan and visibly diminish cellulite.

How To Stay Tanned And Toned All Year Round

If you are going to show your Bikini Bridge – It better be tan!

Unless you have been living under a rock or in a doomsday prepper shelter, you know the suns rays are not good for your skin. Many people love to have tanned skin, but do not want to damage their skin with direct sunlight or tanning beds. The safe and effective alternative are the sunless tanning products from Fake Bake, a leader in the industry for their innovative and top notch products. With botanically extracted ingredients and no preservatives, you get quality ingredients that are safe for your skin. You get an even tan every time with Fake Bake and you are guaranteed not to turn orange, streak, stink or stain your clothes.

The Lipo Bronze from Fake Bake gives you two powerhouse products in one bottle and that is awesome! They have combined their best self tanning ingredients and their patent-pending formula that measurably diminishes cellulite. If you want to know how to stay tanned and tones all year round, this is the product for you. After applying as directed, you should see smoother textured skin in as little as 3-4 days. In Lipo Bronze, you will find clinical levels of cellulite fighters and botanicals, which are known for naturally tightening the skin. Lipo Bronze contains:

  • Contains active copper mineral that firms and tones skin.
  • Contains Seaweed (Kelp) that facilitates removal of toxins in fatty deposits to aid in smoothing dimpled skin.
  • Smoother texture to skin within three to four days.
  • Firming and toning within two weeks.
  • Visible difference to orange peel skin within three to four weeks.
  • Beautiful, bronze tan starts to develop immediately and darkens gradually with repeated applications.

You can purchase the Lipo Bronze from Fake Bake for $29.95 from their website as well as Amazon.