What Is The Best Doormat For Trapping Dirt?

I love that we have a house that came with a huge yard, driveway and a creek! The front yard it literally the size of half a football field but it is right at a very busy street. Because of this, the kids are not allowed to play in the front yard. There is a creek that runs about ¾ of the way between the yard and the house and then we have just a small area of grass before you get to the house. Because we cannot really access the front door, we keep it locked. Part of the creek runs into the back yard and the kids are constantly splashing around and looking for water critters. We have a gravel driveway that butts up to the back deck. At any given time, the kids track in water, mud, grass, dirt and small bits of gravel. Our back entrance leads right into the kitchen which has a light colored vinyl floor and it shoes dirt really bad. In order to keep that dirt down, we have a huge need for a great doormat. I found that the best doormat for trapping dirt are those from Dr. Doormat.

The Best Doormat For Trapping Dirt

For the past 2 years, we have had what we thought was a good doormat in front of our back door. Honestly, I never gave much thought to how much dirt was actually getting tracked in the house. What I had no idea about was that there was a lot more than dirt and rocks coming into the house. In addition to the dirty stuff coming in was also allergens that could be harmful to my family, especially with my son and husband with terrible allergies. Dr. Doormat is the first antimicrobial doormat that is treated and designed for residents like me and is the best doormat for trapping dirt as well.

While each doormat is being made, a special antimicrobial treatment is added and binds to the fibers of the doormat. When you wipe your shoes on the Dr. Doormat, it penetrates the microbes and they are no longer able to be harmful. The materials used in the doormat are of the finest quality and are safe for the environment. The bottom of the mat is made from non-slip rubber that is from sapped from trees instead of using cut down rubber trees. The surface is stain resistant, is made from recycled materials and the resin and pigments are non-toxic. I love our Dr. Doormat because it keeps all that gross dirt from my nice kitchen floor and keeps those pesky allergens out of my house as well! You can purchase your Dr. Doormat from their website in a smaller size for apartments for $26.99 and the house size, which is what I was sent, for $46.99.

One USA reader will win their choice of the small ($26.99) or larger ($46.99) doormat.


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