With our modern world so filled with branding and advertising in almost every public space you look, it’s easy to see why consumers are beginning to not only filter out force-fed brand communications, but actually despise them. As such, many brands are finding it difficult to actually connect with consumers on a personal level, and are seeking new ways like live videocasting to capture the attention of audiences and spread their brand message to target markets.

But what is videocasting, and how can your business benefit from such a service?

Well, this article aims to help you understand more about this fantastic service, and why it’s not only prudent, but almost essential to invest in, especially as our society adapts at such a rapid pace.

  1. Instant Audiovisual Communication – A New World of Convenience: As our society has moved forward and adopted new technologies, various forms of communication – from letters to telephones to cellphones to video transmissions – have become second nature to us all. However, because audiovisual communications are still relatively new, some individuals and brands are taking longer than others to adapt. Fortunately, this technology is simple to operate and can be utilized from almost any modern device that can connect to the internet. And rather than having to wait weeks for letters or even mere minutes for telephone operators to connect the call, these communications happen almost instantly – almost at the speed at light in fact. This has allowed the entire world to feel closer, like Marshall McLuhan’s global village concept, and has become commonplace in business, education, and social entertainment alike.
  2. Connecting with Consumers within their Comfort Zones: For a business, virtual videocasting services from reputable brands like BlueJeans can offer a plethora of benefits, although the first that we will discuss is the brand-consumer benefits, since that is essentially what matters most to the majority of businesses. You see, advertising has become tricky over the past twenty years or so, as consumers have developed filters to identify and ignore advertising before it can be effective. Now, while some advertising does rise above the rest and capture the attention of audiences, it has arguably become far less effective than previously in history. However, there is a way that you can connect with consumers in their own places of comfort – rather than in the advertising-filled public spaces – by offering them advertising brand communications that they can choose to accept or decline. This makes consumers feel more empowered as they aren’t simply force-fed your branding and, as Deloitte University Press shares, consumers can delight in some form of control. Then, once they have chosen to connect with your brand, you can offer mutually beneficial services or products that they will be more likely to consider.
  3. Sharing Intra-Business Communications: Videocasting can also help boost the efficiency and productivity of your business by removing the need for physical presence. Rather than dedicating a specific timeframe for all to gather and meet in a dedicated space, your employees can simply login to meetings or receive important intra-business communications via a live feed. This not only ensures less hassle, but helps keep your employees focused within their comfortable working space, rather than having to change locations and alter their mindsets. Additionally, videocasting services allow you to connect to offices throughout the world more personally than simple telephone calls can, ensuring that, regardless of global position, every member of your business can receive the same communications at almost precisely the same time.
  4. Instant Feedback, Criticism, and Appreciation: When connecting with consumers, hosting live audiovisual events can greatly benefit your brand by allowing for immediate feedback from your consumers. As Business News Daily recently shared, consumers are more in control than ever before with opportunities to express opinions online, and they are becoming more confident by the day in what they choose to say about brands. With a live feed, however, you can immediately respond, enquire further, and improve in areas that are lacking. This can then lead to dialogues between your brand and consumers, which is excellent if you truly do want to offer the best products or services. In fact, you can discover precisely how consumers feel about your brand, how you could enhance your service offerings, as well as what consumers enjoy most about it, allowing you to ensure products or services that ideally cater to your target markets.

Live videocasting is certainly taking over from outdated forms of branding, and will soon step up even further once 3D technologies advance as well. Don’t get left behind as our society rapidly adopts this new technology and begins to abandon the old forms like letters, telegrams, and even telephones. As a competing brand in our modern world, you need to keep up or step aside, and stepping up means utilizing the latest technologies to personally connect with your consumers.