What to Expect: The Second Year

What to Expect: The Second Year is the perfect companion to get you through the second year of your child’s life.  When I was pregnant with my first child, I carried around What to Expect While You’re Expecting like it was a bible.  I was constantly looking up symptoms, diet and nutrition to make sure I was doing the best for my baby.  Once my son Tate was born, I continued to rely on the What to Expect series to help me through the first year!  I was thrilled to see that the series continues with What To Expect: The Second Year.  The first year of a baby’s life is challenging but the second year comes with a whole different set of obstacles and as a mom, its always comforting to have a reference when you have questions about your toddler!

Books About Toddler Development

The book stores are full of different books about toddler development, discipline and nutrition but there is none that is as reputable as the What to Expect series.  What to Expect: The Second Year was written by Heidi Murkoff and Sharon Mazol with a forward by Dr Mark D. Widome, Professor of Pediatricis at The Pennsylvania State Universary.  This book is full of great information for new parents, as well as a great refresher for experienced parents.  As a mom of two, I still pick up the book and learn something new every time I read it.  I love the section entitled, The Second Year at a Glance.  It outlines the developmental milestones that your child should make in the second year, as well as when to expect them.  The breaks it down further but telling you what most toddlers do, what half of toddlers do and what a few toddlers to, reminding parents that every child develops at their own pace and just because your child hasn’t hit a certain milestones, doesn’t mean they won’t or that they are delayed.

Nutrition for Toddlers

There is a great chapter on nutrition for toddlers, one which I have been referring to a lot lately!  It addresses topics such as self feeding, the fussy eater and switching out of a  high chair.  One of the milestones you will see toddlers approaching this year is self-feeding.  There is great information on introducing self-feeding as well as a timeline on when you may see your toddler show interest in this.  Sleeping has been another issue in our house, especially with the time change.  What to Expect: The Second Year offers great advice on bedtime routines, napping as well as common issues such as night wandering and night terrors.  Many of us parents of toddlers have issues with behavior and discipline.  This book does a great job of explaining normal behaviors of a toddler and how to introduce discipline.

Books on Parenting Toddlers

What to Expect:  The Second Year is my new go to reference for books on parenting toddlers.  More chapters include talking, learning, making friends, traveling with your toddler, safety, keeping your toddler healthy and development disorders.  This would make an excellent gift for new parents or experienced parents entering the challenging toddler years!  What to Expect also has an amazing website that is a great companion to the What to Expect book series!  Follow them on Facebook for my support and information.

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