Natures Sleep Mattress sweepstakesWe don’t often think about the mattress we sleep on at night until we’re troubled by a series of rough nights attempting to sleep and waking up with a bad back. Here are 5 tips for what to look for in the perfect mattress.

  1. Know the Type of Mattress You Prefer: People often believe that a hard or especially firm mattress is the way to go if they have a history of bad lower back problems. In actuality, this type of mattress is likely to do more harm than good. Anyone with an ongoing problem with their lower back (perhaps from an accident) is likely to benefit from a medium firm mattress rather than one that is too hard. This will provide the right level of support without being so inflexible that it will reactivate an injury when using it.
  2. Test Drive a New Mattress: When you wish to go shopping for a mattress, don’t be too embarrassed to actually lie down on the mattress for 5-10 minutes to check out how it actually feels. A new mattress will be with you for many years to come so it is worth being sure. Big Brand Beds in West Sussex offer a large stock of the biggest names in mattresses from Sealy, to Silent Night, to Slumberland, all of which are idea.
  3. Adjustable Beds Can Be a Good Idea: Adjustable beds with flexible mattresses provide a more comfortable lying position for people who find it harder to get into and out of bed. The head can be elevated to provide more comfort or simply make it easier to read in bed. There are also beds with mattresses that can elevate the knees to reduce the pressure felt in the lower back area. The Adjustables brand is a good one to look out for in the UK market.
  4. Bigger is Better With Mattresses and Beds: When wanting to have an undisturbed night of sleep, a larger bed with an expansive mattress is always going to be the better option all things considered. There is also the option to link two mattresses together to provide two different levels of firmness which matches the preferences of the two people sharing the same bed.
  5. Consider the Height of the Bed: The height of the combined bed and mattress is also something worth considering when shopping for a new mattress. If the bed and mattress combined make the bed either too higher or too low then it may be difficult to get into and out of comfortably. Therefore, it is worth thinking about the current height level with the existing bed and mattress to see whether a change needs to be made when buying a replacement mattress.

Also, don’t forget about the pillows. They can be something of an afterthought yet the right pillow can make a huge difference to how much sleep is achieved each night. There are duck down pillows, hypo-allergenic pillows, and even memory foam pillows that remember the outline of your head. Choose a pillow that you prefer and even try sleeping without one if you have persistent neck problems when you get up in the morning.

Getting the right mattress for you is essential to be well rested and ready for each new day.