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We live close to a pretty popular theme park and we visit as often as we can throughout the year. They have different events and specials for all ages and seasons. One of our favorite things to do is pack up the car and take off for a few days and get the most out of the park. We have had some great times as well as some not so great times at the amusement park. Of the not so great times was when we were not as prepared as we should have been. We learned a lot from our first few trips and are now experts at what to bring and what not to bring for a fun filled day. Before you head out for a day of thrills and fun, make sure you have what is on this list!

Top Items To Take To An Amusement Park

Top Items To Take To An Amusement Park

  1. Tickets: You are going to be sorely lacking if you forget your tickets to enter the theme park! You can usually buy them online or at the gate, but we suggest getting season’s passes as you save big this way. You get a credit card sized pass which fits into your wallet and scans at the gate. Usually you have a separate line to go through if you are a seasons card holder and it is usually faster.
  2. First Aid: We have had enough blisters, scrapes and cuts to know we need to bring band aids, antibiotic ointment and after bite cream in case of an insect bite. Although most parks have a first aid stand, it may not be convenient to where you have received your injury.
  3. Reusable Water Bottle: The drinks at the amusement park can not only be expensive, but not healthy. If you are in the heat, you do not need to be drinking sodas, energy drinks or sugary juices. Water is the best drink and you can save about $4 per drink if you have a reusable bottle with you.
  4. Snacks: We usually eat a good breakfast before we leave for the park. This keeps our tummies happy until dinner time. We bring reusable snack bags with granola, protein bars or apple slices to keep the kids from getting hungry in between meals.
  5. Sunscreen: The first time we went to the amusement park, I forgot sunscreen and it was a hot and sunny day. We all got horrible sunburns and were miserable for days after. You only make that mistake once before you remember to include it in your bag!
  6. Waterproof Bags: We love to go on the water rides at the park and usually get soaking wet. If you do not have your phones, cameras or other electronic devices in a waterproof bag, you are going to have a huge problem on your hands.
  7. Cross Body Bag: I hate to carry a huge bag around all day when we visit the amusement park. My husband usually has a backpack with the snacks, the big camera and other bulky items. For the passes, my smaller camera, money and other essentials, I use a cross body bag like the Lug Flutter Mini Cross-Body bag from PC Fallon. It is the perfect size for me to carry around at the park and fits all of my goodies to make sure we have a successful day.

PC Fallon

When we visited Dollywood this past weekend for Henry’s birthday, I was so excited to have my Lug Flutter Mini Cross-Body bag from P.C. Fallon, which sells for $48 on their website. This bag is small and versatile and perfect for a day at the park or a night on the town. The shulder strap is the perfect length and is adjustable and detachable for your needs. I love the cool looking belt loops ln the back which makes it convert to a fanny pack. This was so helpful when we rode the rides we had to keep a hold of our belongings. It stayed right there with me and I did not worry it was going to fall off of me when I was hanging upside down on the roller coaster!

The Lug Carousel Mini Cross Body Bag also has 2 open pockets in the interior, a zip closure, zippered pocket in the back, two zip pockets in the front. One of the front pockets has a soft lined pocket for your cell phone. The vinyl covered bottom was great because it cleans easily, and after being on all these rides, your bag can get mussed up. It comes in several colors including the Midnight Black I chose as well as Grass Green, Cranberry Red and Plum Purple. P.C. Fallon also carries a huge inventory of items for yourself as well as the home. You can find items for green living from companies like Archipelago, Caldrea, Zum and Badger. You can choose from a large inventory of bedding and home decor, items for the kitchen, fragrances, bath and body and fashionable accessories. One USA reader will receive a $75 P.C. Fallon GC and and free shipping.

What is at the top of your list of what to take to an amusement park?


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