What To Take When You Go Camping

Living in Florida, we get to enjoy some pretty great weather virtually all year round. We are able to do a lot of outdoor activities well into the winter months that many people to the north of us do not. One of the things my family and I love to do is go camping. It gives us a time to put the hectic and chaotic stresses of life behind us, even if for just a few days. There is something to be said about waking up under a canopy of trees and brewing coffee on an open fire. If you are a camping enthusiast or a novice, there are some things you just cannot leave your house without:

6 Things You Do Not Want To Go Camping Without pin

6 Things You Do Not Want To Go Camping Without

  1. Bedding: We all have sleeping bags and pillows we use when we go camping. It is also a good idea to take alone an inflatable mattress if the space permits.
  2. Cooler: It is suggested you actually bring two coolers; one for food and one for beverages. Make sure you bring plenty of ice to keep everything nice and cold.
  3. Cooking: Because you cannot guarantee a roaring fire every time, it is a good idea to take along a portable grill.
  4. Dishes: Be sure to take along plenty of reusable dishes, utensils and glasses. You do not want to make excess trash by bringing plastic throwaway items.
  5. Entertainment: There is only so much exploring the woods and swimming you can do before the kids get bored. Be sure to bring a bag of outdoor games, playing cards, and music. If you are lucky enough to have a musician in the group, remind them to bring that guitar!
  6. Seating: The kids are fine to sit on stadium seats or cushions, but the grown ups prefer more stable seating. We bring along a hammock for those late afternoon naps and our Omni Reloaded Bean Bag chair from Sumo Lounge.

The gang at Makobi Scribe has been big fans of the products from Sumo Lounge for years. My kids really enjoyed the Sumo Lounge Omni I reviewed in my post, “Looking For An Inexpensive Beanbag Chair? Try The Sumo Lounge Omni” and Kelly’s kids loved the Emperor she reviewed in her post, “Bean Bag Chairs For Kids From Sumo Lounge.” The bean bags from Sumo Lounge are not just for kids! They are the perfect casual, fun and should be on your list of what to take when you go camping! They have just about any size, shape and price to fit into any budget! They have been selling their high quality bean bags for the past ten years and are still going strong!

I was sent the Sumo Omni Reloaded bean bag, which sells for $219 on the Sumo website and comes in 5 colors. This is the newest in the Sumo Lounge line and it is also the most innovative. It is flexible and durable and is super easy to clean, which is perfect when you have kids! You can adjust the Omni Reloaded into several positions to suit your comfort level and needs. It can fold down to fit into a convenient carrying case to take to the pool, camping or even to Grandmas! You can watch TV, play video games or hang out with your friends in this comfortable chair. You can even fold it flat and use it for your overnight guests! Be sure to follow Sumo Lounge on Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube and Google+.

What is your must have item on this list of what to take when you go camping?