In 2018, there were approximately 1.7 billion digital buyers worldwide. That means, if you have bought nothing online, then you are likely to do so soon. Shopping online is tricky because you do not get the opportunity to touch or get a feel of what you are buying. But when it comes to purchasing personal items like a mattress, It gets even trickier.

There is a lot of background work involved in buying a mattress online. You need to test, check warranties, and some other attributes for a fair price.

Online buying is convenient. The thought of doing all the background checks from the comfort of your house is very fascinating. The next part of this article provides you with the tips you need to know before buying a mattress online.

Online Reviews

Most online buyers rely on online reviews to make a purchase. According to the Pew Institute of Research, 50% of adults trust and count on reviews for online purchasing. But the same group of people still doubt the accuracy of online reviews.

The obsession with driving sales and new competition causes some marketers to create a drive for fake reviews. Sometimes a product rated well in a website A may have low ratings in website B.

So, outright reliance on reviews is not the right way of understanding product worthiness and value. Purchasing a mattress from a trusted e-commerce company is less risky than buying from any online store. E-commerce companies like Amazon review products and consumer reviews before publishing them. Friends and family recommendations can also be helpful.

It May Be Tricky Disposing of Your Old Mattress

If you are buying a new mattress, it probably means the older one is unusable. Most off-line stores provide an option of picking your old mattress when delivering the new one. Few online companies offer free disposal of your old mattress. Other online stores charge an extra amount above the mattress price for disposing of the old mattress.

Sometimes, the responsibility of disposing of the old mattress lies with you. That means you have to contact the local garbage collection company for collection.

When buying online, make sure you check their policy on the disposal of old mattresses.

You Have No Option to Try before Buying

When buying a mattress offline, you always the opportunity of visiting multiple stores and testing the mattresses before buying. Testing is not possible with online companies. Select the right company and make your purchase. The only benefit you may be lucky to get is a free trial period for the mattress.

It is important to check or confirm if the free trial option still applies if you buy the mattress from a third-party vendor?

Check Delivery and Return Policy

Some online stores provide free delivery and return for mattresses purchased online. For example, according to the SleepDelivered Nectar Sleep Mattress reviews, it guarantees free delivery to the customer. Remember, the cost of delivery increases the expenses of the mattress. Before buying a mattress online, know that different companies have different policies on delivery and return of goods.

You May Have to Do a Lot of Research

The most important of online buying is research. That is reviewing the various online stores and their commitments to third-party companies like Amazon. Some terms of the companies may not apply once the mattresses move to a third party.

It is also important to make price and quality comparisons of various mattresses before settling on one. Some are expensive, but they are substandard.

Discounts are Available.

With online companies, competition being higher. And companies attempting to attract more consumers from offline to online buying, there are more significant discounts when buying online.

For the best deals, it is essential to dig through the internet for discounts. While it may take time, it is worth the effort.


A decision to buy your mattress online is better than offline buying. Why? With online buying, you can slowly research your home, seek friends and family opinions before purchasing. You are also less likely to make an irrational buying decision due to less pressure from salespeople.

You can also make a purchase any time of the day, and the cost of moving from store to store is nil with online buying.