So my house is a mess again! No It is really, really bad this time. I have been sick for three weeks and my kids have been too. Not the kind of sick where you have the sniffles either, but the kind of sick where you head is pounding so hard it is hard to breathe. The kind of sick that gives your two little boys 104 fevers with no end in sight. I have been up late at night trying to get my “real job” work done because the kids need a lot of my attention in the day. Thank goodness I had my blog posts scheduled out! So, the point is my house work suffered, A Lot! I just let the kids play, and was not very good about telling them to pick up when they were done or picking it up myself. I kept the kitchen fairly clean, but the living room suffered. I did not really realize how bad it was until today, the first day I have not had a headache or a cough that was determined to keep precious air from my lungs. I fell asleep on the couch last night from sheer exhaustion, Mason was already in bed, and Jakobi fell asleep on a heap of clean clothes. Mason woke me up at 4:30, so I went in his room to get him, and he fell back to sleep on my chest in the living room.  They both woke up before me at 7ish and this is the sight I saw when I opened my eyes.
My house

First, I am glad they are feeling better. I am glad I am feeling better, but guess what I have to do today. Give away boxes of toys! Are you serious does two kids need this many toys? See the laundry pile on the sofa? Incidentally, I got my blog post idea from csl sofas. Their theme song when you go to their page is, “What you see is what you get” You cannot get anymore, “What you see is what you get” than this.  So before I try to contact a Florida adoption agency, I should sign off of the computer for a day and well “get my house in order!” Can you say clean up, clean up everybody clean up!


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