Pets are an important part of the family for most people. They’re cute and cuddly, make great companions, and can be fantastic stress relievers. Most people will have a preferred type of pet; we form bonds with our pets based on a common understanding of their needs, personalities, and quirks. Have you ever wondered what your choice of pet says about your personality? Here’s what we know about you, based on the pet that you have.


Dogs have long been known as man’s best friend. If you want a pet that’s willing to give you pure, unconditional love and loyalty for the rest of your life, make you laugh and be by your side through thick and thin, a dog is a perfect pet for you. Dog people are more likely to be extroverted and energetic, you love meeting new people and you’re fun to be around. Loyalty and companionship are important traits to you when making friends and you surround yourself with people who have distinct positive energy, just like your furry friend.


Cat people and dog people have long been rivals, but are they really that different? Nuwber explores it more in this blog post. But, you can’t deny that cats are very different from dogs. It’s no wonder that these opportunistic, resourceful and fiercely independent creatures were once worshipped by the ancient Egyptians. Like their pets, most cat owners tend to be motivated and determined, with a strength that makes them stand out from the crowd. If you’re a cat person, you are proud of who you are and will always fight for those you love – just like your cat.


Birds are a fun and quirky pet to have. And while they are many things, they could rarely be described as quiet. Their beautiful singing is a pleasure to have in the home and their hilarious chatter can cheer you up anytime. Birds tend to have more vocal personalities, meaning that their owners tend to be more expressive compared to cat and dog owners. If your preferred pet is a bird, you tend to remain optimistic and you’re not afraid to voice your concerns. Your approach to life is one of great vigilance and care and you’re not afraid of hard work.


Does your idea of keeping a pet not come under ‘furry friend’? Reptiles make great pets, but they are certainly not fluffy and not really the best at cuddling. People with a reptile pet tend to be very independent and emotionally detached; they prefer to get the job done and look at things objectively. If your ideal pet is a reptile, you may be seen as eccentric by others, and are a brave person who isn’t afraid to be unique and a little bit edgy.


Colorful fish swimming around in a big aquarium tank is often enough to give anybody a little pick-me-up. Perhaps you’re the type of person who can’t stay away and needs to gently tap on the tank windows to see if the fish will react. If you’re the type of person who enjoys having fish as pets, you are most likely a quiet, low-maintenance, and mature type of person, much like your beloved pets.

There are several different types of pets to choose from and your choice may be based on your personality, lifestyle, or what you’re looking for in life.