Furbling egg hatchling

Are you one of the lucky ones that was able to land a Furby Boom this holiday season? If so you probably have a few questions! One of the most pressing is Where to find the Furby Boom eggs! Where can you get the QR codes for the Furby Boom? The answers are right here and more! Read this post, “How Do I Change Furby From Girl To Boy?” with a video next.

What is a Furbling? These adorable creatures hatch from a Furbling Egg from a Furby Boom. They are digital and can be taken care of on your Furby Boom app on your phone, tablet, or Kindle.

Where can I find Furbling QR codes? You can find Furbling QR codes to hatch the Furbling eggs from various places on the internet and in some retail stores. I have a detailed list below. There are 12 Furbling eggs for you to collect in addition to the 48 in the city and the coveted Golden egg.

Where can I get Furbling Eggs? You get Furbling Eggs from QR Codes, the Furby Boomfrom your friends

If you want to know about your Furby Boom’s personality and how to change it, read my post: The Furby Boom Personalities Guide: How To Change Your Furby’s Personality & Other FAQ 

What is the Golden egg? After you collect and hatch all 48 Furblings at Furbling City! Then you will win the Golden Egg.

Need Furbling QR Codes?

Here is where to find the QR codes for the Furby Boom Furbling Eggs. Just click through the images below to go to the code. You can scan the QR code with your app right from the computer screen. Each image below will take you directly to the QR code to scan.

The first three you can find at Hasbro.

The second Hasbro Furby Egg QR Code
The first Hasbro Furby Egg QR Code
Second Hasbro Furbling QR Code
Second Hasbro Furbling QR Code
Hasbro Furbling Hatchling QR code
Third Hasbro Furbling Hatchling QR code

The Fourth Furbling QR code can be found at Stardoll.

Stardoll QR code
Stardoll QR code

The fifth is at Promos.ytv

The sixth is on the back of a Happy Meal or at OMG online

The seventh is at stardoll or BigWs

Special Editon Furby Boom Egg
Special Edition Furby Boom Egg

The eighth QR code is at Target

QR Furby Boom Code Target
QR Furby Boom Code Target

Toys-R-Us Has the ninth code below

Toys R Us Furby Hatchling Code
Toys R Us Furby Hatchling Code

 The tenth code is at BinWeevils below.

BinWeevils QR Furby Code

You can find the last two QR codes here and here! Have fun raising your Furblings and stay stuned for more Furby Boom info!


  1. How are new towers filled up? Whenever an egg hatches and furblings enter the tower, it fills up the same one tower (despite having hatched over 30 eggs and housed the furblings). We have 3-4 furblings per room within the same tower so must be doing something wrong.

  2. I’m hoping someone maybe able to help. Unable to understand why our furby booms furblings have all disappeared from the city’s including 10 eggs we had in the tray.

  3. I can’t get 12 out of this either only cracked 10 in roller coaster tower….someone says amazon has one that is a monkey code???? does anyone have this one????

  4. Can you help me? If you know if the furby can talk to you please relpy. Thanks. …. And maybe how to talk to it and make it understand you. Thanks.

  5. I’m missing the last two also. 1 & 4 are the same as 11 & 12. Thanks for 10 but I would love to find the last 2. Help please!

  6. Hello,

    I have ten out of twelve am missing the yellow, black, and white egg. And the orange hexagon one. Any help is appreciated. I could not get her tablet to scan a few of the codes also.

    • If the black or white one is the black and white one, then you get it from the upgraded app and tap on the two owls. Then you can see your “owl friends” and but the striped egg. If it is not there, earn it by getting more money or something. Maybe keeping your furby and furblings healthy.

  7. Oh gosh! I have to tell my daughter about where all these codes can be found. She does these digital things all the time and finds great stress relief in raising them. I don’t know what it is about these furby’s but they give her some comfort. Thanks

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