Which Is The Most Flattering Sleeve Length?

I am really funny about showing off my arms! I have always been self conscious about my upper arms, even when I was still in high school. I was on the high school drill team and every time we had a move that had us waving our arms, I would cringe. I remember one game thinking to myself that when we had to wave our arms, my arms waved for me! I usually stick with wearing long sleeve shirts, but that can be uncomfortable in the summer! I have been working on toning my arms, and with spring almost here, I wanted to see what the latest fashion trends said about sleeve length. Here is what I found:

  • Cap Sleeves: These very short sleeves only cover the top of your shoulder at the joint. This length works for women with toned arms as well as women who have a shorter torsos, because this style gives an elongating effect.
  • Short Sleeves: This style covers half of your upper arms and works best for women with wide chests.  This length can give an illusion of widening delicate shoulders.
  • Elbow Length Sleeves: Obviously, this length reaches the elbow and helps in narrowing the waist by adding weight along the sides of your chest.
  • Three-Quarter Sleeves:  This sleeve reaches past the elbow to the forearm. This sleeve length works well for women who have wide hips.
  • Long Sleeves:  This length covers the entire arm from the shoulder to the wrist.

The Most Flattering Sleeve Length

For me, I am most comfortable with a either a short sleeve or a three quarter length sleeve. When I was recently offered to have an item custom made from one of my favorite clothiers, Eshakti, I was happy to oblige! As I didn’t have many nice tops, I decided on the pretty fuchsia shirt with the ruffles front and 3/4 sleeves with the poplin fabric. As you can see the top is very smart looking and will turn some heads when you wear it. The shirt is well made and the quality of the fabric is top notch.  Eshakti offers women’s sizes 0-36 W which can be customized to suit your body type and preferences including length of the garment, sleeve length, colors and other available options. Also available are the option to remove or include embroidery,add or take away pockets as well as other embellishments on our products. Also new to Eshakti is their Bridesmaids line and their customer gallery where you can see pictures that customers and bloggers have shared. You can purchase your Eshakti clothing online at their e-commerce store.


  1. Thanks for the post. I never really thought about what length sleeves would be best for body types. Thanks!

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