Whimsy Wand

My daughter’s new favorite color is purple…everything has to be purple!  Whimsy Wendy sent me one of her custom-made Whimsy Wishing Wands for review and its a deep beautiful purple, with purple and white ribbons hanging from it and has a white ribbon covered handle.  It has become my daughter’s magic wand.  She is casting spells on her dolls, her little sister and even the dog!  I love to see her using her imagination, we read a book recently that had wizards using magic wands…of course she wants to know if it’s REALLY a magic wand or just pretend!  See what I mean about her imagination?  Playing dress up is a daily event at our house and this wand has become a must have item!

The Whimsy Wishing Wand is made of large puff of soft tulle and is about 15″ in length.  The quality is superb!  You can purchase a Whimsy Wishing Wand for $10 plus shipping.  You can also purchase Whimsy Wendy’s items through her website and if you like what you see you can follow her on her blog.


Whimsy Wendy also included a reversible Crown.  It has a super cute pink, yellow and red pattern with an adjustable velcro closure.  Its adorable and she loves to be the “queen”!  Great thing about the crown is that it adjusts so her little sister can wear it as well, it’s very versatile. The crowns are $15.
Whimsy Wendy has an awesome selection of items in her shop including: tutus, headbands, wings, capes, party/room decor and bags/totes.  If you are looking for a beautiful handcrafted items Whimsy Wendy can meet your needs.  She has been in business for 6.5 years and prides herself in producing one of a kind items, nothing is mass produced…every order is a custom order!


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