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I'm really trying to make an effort to be more environmentally conscious. I'm recycling all that I can, eating organic food, and using natural cleaning products. One thing that never really occurred to me was to use organic products in my garden. This year, I ran across a line of products made by Scotts Miracle Gro called Whitney Farms®. They're a full line of all organic plant food and natural potting soil, plant foods, mulches, garden pest control and lawn products. They have no additives and include only ingredients naturally found in earth. I love that these new products offer me a safer and better way to plant and maintain my garden!

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I haven't started my garden yet this year, but I can't wait to try Whitney Farms new products. By using organic plant food and potting soil, the plants and flowers I plant have the potential to grow up to 2 times larger than by using normal soil and plant food!  Plus, with three dogs that get into everything, using all natural garden products puts my mind at ease knowing that if they get into any of it, their safety isn't as much at risk.

I think the product I'll use the most will be their organic soil, which contains natural ingredients like kelp and alfalfa meal, and feeds your plants for up to two full months!  Plus, Whitney Farms products are easy to apply, have no manure odor, and have low or no dust. Add to this the beneficial microbes and protein-based blends that actually provide your plants with all of the macro and micronutrients that they need, and you're bound to have a bigger, better, and healthier garden!  Now, with a $3 off coupon, you can try these products yourself and save money while doing it!

Organic Plant Food

I know my garden will be big and beautiful this year thanks to Whitney Farms. Now all you need is to try Whitney Farms out and see for yourself just how much healthier your garden could be! This is what I am hoping that my Avacado Tree will look like after the summer!


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