A threat to multiple segments of society, Covid 19 is providing to be a real and serious threat to vulnerable elements of society.

So, who is ‘high risk’ and what should those outside of that category do?

Who is classed as ‘high risk’?

While knowledge about the virus is rapidly expanding, a number of individuals have been classed as high risk – putting them at danger of life threatening harm if they  contract the virus. As of the time of writing, those that are considered to be high risk include anyone who:

– Has recently had an organ transplant or serious invasive surgery.

– Has undergone cancer treatment or has had serious cancers such as blood, bone and marrow cancer, or leukaemia.

– Has a respiratory condition such as severe asthma, cystic fibrosis, or requires mediation or ongoing treatment.

– Has a condition that makes them more likely to contract and be vulnerable to infections.

– Is currently taking medications that weaken the immune system.

– Is pregnant and have a serious heart condition.

In addition, individuals aged 70 years of age or older are also classed as high risk and should undertake shielding procedures.

If you fall within this category, you are advised to-

– Not leave your property unless it is an absolutely essential trip. This means not going out to collect your shopping, collect medications, or exercise.

– Commit to social distancing inside your property, this means remaining at least three steps away from others in your home and regularly washing your hands to prevent transference.

Does that mean the rest of us are safe?

Absolutely not.

At Sensoronics, we believe in the taking a proactive approach to preventing the spread of Covid 19.

This is because central issue around the coronavirus has two key complications. The first is that, even individuals who are young and healthy can contract the condition. While some cases have contracted the condition with little more than a mild flu, a 21 year old recently died in the UK who had no pre-existing conditions. While we understand the condition more each day, it is vital that you practice social distancing and eliminate risk wherever possible.

The second is that even if you are immune or not at risk, you can still play a part in spreading the virus. Failing to social distance, properly sanitise, and prevent actions that may spread the virus will allow it to cause widespread harm.

While you may not be classed as ‘vulnerable’ the risk to yourself and others is simply too great to ignore at this time.

What next?

If you require a sensor solution to help counteract the risk posed by Covid 19, our team at Sensoronics are here to help. With [PLEASE ADD NUMBER] years’ experience providing products to a range of industries, we are well placed to meet this challenge head on.

You can view our list of products in full here. Or if you have specific needs to combat issues surrounding the virus or other conditions affecting patients, please do not hesitate to get in touch directly and let our team know exactly what you need.