Wholesome Childrens Movies

Wholesome Childrens Movies

We love the opening Veggie Tales song, my kids sing it very loud and dance around (bringing me much joy to see them having so much fun), it’s wonderful that wholesome childrens movies are still on the market!  They love Veggie Tales and look forward to watching new DVDs.  I was recently able to review the new Robin Good And His Not So Merry Men DVD, it comes out in stores on March 6, 2012 so to be able to get a sneak peak before it even comes out is a great honor!

Lenny And The Lost Birthday

The first episode is Lenny And The Lost Birthday and its about leap year.  His birthday comes and he thinks everyone forgot or it was lost but it’s really is just leap year.  It had a great explanation of leap year and a happy ending.  He actually has a super special birthday because of leap year!  Next was Silly Songs with Larry, its called Bubble Rap.  Its a fun song about moving and using bubble wrap while packing boxes.  It’s a cool way to deal with moving in an upbeat entertaining way.  Everyone’s favorite thing to do when they encounter bubble wrap is to pop it so it was fitting that I received this DVD right after I gave the girls bubble wrap to pop and play.

Robin Good And His Not So Merry Men

Robin Good And His Not So Merry Men is a play on the story of Robin Hood.  They are fundraising from the rich and give to the poor, they sell lemonade and candy bars.  It discusses real life issues that are happening such as the economy and losing jobs. This episode is a great way to relate to the world around us.  Robin Good gave food (ham) to a poor family to help celebrate their kids birthday but the tax man came and took away the ham Robin Good provided.  The mother of the children said she wasn’t worried they would figure something out and that she would give her burden to the lord.  Robin Good was touched by her outlook.  But the Merry men were upset and set off to steal some ham from the Prince (to steal from rich to give to poor).  Robin Good didn’t go because it’s not right to steal so he talks to God and asks for his guidance because he was hurt that his friends left him.  In the end, big lessons were learned how to deal with hurt and do right by people in a way that God would be happy with.

Veggie Tales is a favorite in our house and they have tons of products to choose from including: DVDs, Books, Music, Apparel and Toys.  You can purchase this DVD for $14.99.  Check them out on Facebook!

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