Why All Natural Makeup For Women Is Best

I have been doing a lot of research on all things organic. It is really interesting and a bit scary reading material! When you learn about all the things we put in and on our bodies that are not all natural, it kind of gives you the creeps. I have used organic cleaning products for a long time due to Henry’s allergies. I had been talking to some friends in my playgroup about his being only a year old and showing signs of allergies. I said I could not figure out what was going on and one of the girls asked about my cleaning products. She had just read a book on how the toxins in store bought cleaners were really harmful, especially to kids. I started making my own cleaning products from that day and and it made a world of difference. I started thinking about other products we use that are not organic, like beauty products. I found that a lot of the toxins you find in cleaning products can also be found in small amounts in beauty products. That is so gross! So, I decided to find a company that had organic beauty products and that is when I learned about Gabriel Cosmetics. Inspired by his grandmother and the sea off the coast of Mexico, Gabriel DeSantino set out to create a product line that was all natural.

All Natural Makeup For Women Is Best

When I found out about the toxic ingredients that many beauty companies used in their makeup, I wanted to make a change. I literally dumped my makeup bag upside down over the trash can and threw every cosmetic in the garbage. Next, I went out seeking a company that sold makeup that was safe because I now believe all natural makeup for women is best. Gabriel’s grandmother was known for her homeopathic practices using such items from the sea as kelp and seaweed. Gabriel wanted to show his customers they could get great cosmetics that were full of healing ingredients from the sea.

I received a collection of the fantastic makeup from Gabriel cosmetics line Gabriel started in 1995. The makeup line is vegan and gluten free and in 2011 the company received the prestigious USDA/Organic certification.

I received:

  • Gabriel Mascara: $15.20
  • Gabriel Eyeliner: $12.00
  • Gabriel Eye Shadow in Sable: $13.55
  • Gabriel Eye Primer: $13.55
  • Gabriel Dual Powder Foundation: $26.35
  • Gabriel Lipstick in Sheer Pink: $16.75

I must tell you that these cosmetics are unlike any I have tried before. I love how smoothly the eye shadow as well as the lipstick goes on. The mascara gives you those full lashes without clumping and with no eye irritation. The foundation is really lightweight and gives you great coverage. I have a few areas that are uneven on my skin and the foundation covered that up. What I was most impressed with was how long lasting all of the makeup is. I have had makeup that came off really quickly, but not these! This makeup stayed on until I was ready to take it off. You can find them on Facebook, and you can purchase the Gabriel cosmetics from their website.


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