Why Being A Mom Is Awesome2

When you were a little girl, did you dream about becoming a mommy? When you are that young, you are not sure why being a mom is awesome; you just know you want to be one! Being a mom is really hard and we certainly wear a lot of hats. On any given day we are a food taster and cook, a therapist, nurse, chauffeur driver, janitor, machine operator, finance manager, storyteller and cop. If you think about it, we are a bit like a superhero! We apparently have a these hidden super powers and we fix things, heal boo boos, pull money out of a hat and make gourmet meals within minutes. Heck, the only thing we are missing is a cape! I love being a mom and here are just five reasons why this job is worth it!

5 Reasons Being A Mom Rocks

  1. A World Of Firsts: When you are a parent, you get to see so many firsts. You get the honor of experiencing your child’s first words, steps, first day of school, learning to ride a bike, and so many more.
  2. See The Wonder: When you have a child, you get to see the world through their eyes. It is so much fun to be present when they see their first bird, butterfly flying, the ocean, or an amusement park for the first time. It helps you remember how awesome the world is and you gain a new appreciation when you see the world through your kids eyes.
  3. Being A Kid Again: When you have a kid, you get the built in excuse for indulging in silly behavior! You cannot help but be a kid yourself when you see your kids splashing in puddles, swinging on a swing or drawing sidewalk art with chalk.
  4. Passing On Your Wisdom: As we learned from our parents and from our own experience, we get to pass that on to our kids. Granted, we cannot always save our kids from making mistakes or being hurt when we pass on this knowledge, but we can try!
  5. Seeing Your Kids Grow: This is not just about physically, but as a person. It is such a pleasure to see your children grow into great adults. It is wonderful to see them become the kind, generous, giving, loving and warm people you raised them to be.

Easter_Ham_H2 (1)

One of the best ways to ensure you will have your kids grow up to be awesome grown ups is to spend time with them. Studies show when you eat together as a family, your kids are more likely to be more grounded and more emotionally mature. It is great to be able to prepare home cooked meals from scratch every day, but that is not always possible. Although it would be nice to cook for your family every day, it is not as much about who prepared the food as it is about eating it together. On those days you cannot cook, or on holidays like Mother’s Day, when you should not cook, let HoneyBaked Ham do the cooking for you!

For more than 40 years, the traditions of  Harry J. Hoenselaar have been enjoyed by families all over. He began with the finest quality bone-in ham, cured it in his secret marinade, and then smoked the ham for hours over a unique blend of hardwood chips. This tender and mouth water entree became the cornerstone product of HoneyBaked Ham. These hams, which have become traditions in many homes, is still made the same way.  In addition to their famous ham, you can also order fully cooked turkey breasts, prime rib, sandwiches and more. You can also choose from a wide variety of sides and desserts to make the meal complete. Instead of worrying about your spouse and kids cooking a nice family meal on Mother’s Day, let the folks at HoneyBaked Ham treat you all to a delicious home cooked meal. It may not be just like mom makes, but it sure is close! You can find the nearest HoneyBaked Ham store by visiting their store locator.

What do you love most about being a mom?