Why Farming Is Important

This post was created in partnership with America’s Farmers. All opinions are my own.

Although tending our own garden is becoming more popular, many of us still get our food from the supermarket. It is so easy and convenient to drive over to the grocery store, grab a few items and cook a meal. Have you ever stopped to think about where the bulk of your fresh produce, vegetables, meats and other non-processed items come from? They may end their journey at the store, but they began their story on an American farm. Our American farmers are crucial to our economy and are vitally important to us. Here are just 4 reasons why:

4 Reasons Our Farmers Are Important

4 Reasons Our Farmers Are Important

  1. Local Economic Power: Farming is a huge boon to our local economy. 96% of farms owned in this country are family owned farms. The average farmer provides food for 155 American families. When we buy local, we support their families while they support ours.
  2. Food Power: The healthy way to eat is fresh fruits, vegetables and proteins which are grain fed and raised in humane conditions. Without our local farmers, we would be sorely lacking in our diets and would be forced to eat a diet of processed and unhealthy foods.
  3. Woman Power: More than a million farms are owned by women, which equals out to 30% of all farms. Not only is this building the small business ideals in America, it is building strong women who own these businesses.
  4. Job Power: Agriculture is the largest employer in the United States, providing jobs to 23 million Americans. These jobs range from the actual farming, to processing, to transportation and much more. These jobs range from the actual farming, to processing, to transportation and much more. Plus, there’s the economy of farming equipment, such as buying and selling used tractors, or providing feed, supplies, and other equipment.

Sneed Family

If you visit the America’s Farmers website, you will learn so many interesting facts about farming in America. You can take a quiz to test your knowledge about farming, and learn about the different crops and livestock raised on farms. Although we think of farmers bringing us food, we need to remember there are other crops farmers bring us as well. One important crop is cotton and the Sneed family from Millington, Tennessee manages over 9,000 acres which includes cotton.

Ray Sneed and his wife Gwendolyn grow cotton, soybeans, sorghum and wheat om their large farm. Ray Sneed said, “With farming, there is never a day or a year that’s the same. It’s always evolving. It’s always different. That’s what I love about it — I am always discovering something I didn’t know, or something I didn’t know I could do.” This hard working family is just one example of the honest and hard working folks who run farms all across America. Please visit the American Farmers website to learn about all the aspects of farming, how it impacts your family and how you can support this important sector of our communities.

What are the reason why farming is important to you and your family?