Malta is a well-known tourist destination in the industry being the favourite of millions of tourists looking to spend their holidays in the Mediterranean. Malta (Republic of Malta) is a group of three islands that make up the country, which is a member of the European Union.

Malta Tourism

Although the islands are small and there are places where cliffs and rocks predominate, they also have lovely places that are worth visiting. Also, the climate of the area is another of the factors that make a trip to Malta so attractive, since it has sun for approximately 300 days in a year, with a pleasant temperature all year round.

If we talk about beaches, they may not be the most comfortable because of the large amount of rocks they have, but they have a characteristic beauty that they share with many Mediterranean beaches. Some of the best are Golden Bay, Ghadira Bay and Tuffieha Bay. The most important thing for those who decide to travel to Malta is to remember that it is a simple, but very beautiful place. This means that you will not find phenomenal monuments or skyscrapers, but magical natural places, in addition to some valuable historical buildings.

Two curiosities of Malta

The first is that a large number of super casinos are based in Malta, as the virtual gaming industry has chosen this country as one of the places to establish its offices. For that reason, there are people from all over Europe who reside in Malta because they are employees of gaming companies.

Today, there are more than 300 gaming companies installed in Malta. Once Brexit occurs, this is likely to benefit the economy of the country in the event that other gaming industry companies in the United Kingdom and Gibraltar decide to move to the islands.

The second is that there is a wide variety of educational entities where you can study English, so there are always many students on the islands.

The oldest cities

Those who travel to Malta cannot miss the two oldest cities in the country, with a historical burden that encompasses all humanity: Mdina and Rabat. Both are walled cities and very similar in relation to history and its building constructions. Mdina was the old capital of Malta. They have names of Arab origin and Roman influence in their streets and culture.

Maltese gastronomy

The cuisine of Malta has a great influence on Italian cuisine and the Mediterranean in general. Therefore, it is easy to find pasta of all kinds, in addition to other dishes that are a fusion of different cultures. For example, the Italian-influenced timpana consisting of macaroni with tomato sauce and boiled egg and a layer of baked puff pastry. It is also essential to try gbejniet, a typical cheese that is produced on the island of Gozo; the hobza, a very popular snack and the pastizzi (a small cupcake that can be eaten as a breakfast or snack at any time), among other delicacies.