Why Is Organic Flea Control Better?

When Henry was a toddler, we began to see he reacted to things differently than others. He was highly sensitive to noise, crowds, certain fabrics and household products. When he was 6, we confirmed he had autism and the doctors explained his sensitivities were related to that. Until he was 8, he only ate about 10 foods, could only wear 100% cotton clothing and he refused to go to amusement parks. Because most store bought cleaning products bothered him, I made my own cleaning products. When we got pets, we decided to keep them indoors, which helped keep the flea issue to a minimum. That is until we moved into our current house. The previous owners had large dogs they kept outside during the say and inside at night. When we moved in, the house was filled with fleas and we had a tough time getting it under control. The biggest issue we had was that we could not use traditional pest control due to Henry’s issues. That is when we found out about organic flea control and how it could be used around people with allergies and other issues. One of the most affordable companies that carried high quality products I found is DoMyOwnPestControl.com. They carried a large selection of pest control products for indoors as well as out and the appropriate equipment needed.

Organic Flea Control For Pets Is Better

Organic Flea Control For Pets Is Better

Two brothers started DoMyOwnPestControl.com in 2004 and this family-owned company quickly became a leader in the industry. They are now one of the largest online retailers of professional do-it-yourself pest control products in the country. They have won numerous awards for their fast growth, excellent customer service and products. Because I felt organic flea control for pets is better, I was interested to see what they had to offer. I deferred to Jill Pierce’s expertise and she recommended a few products she felt would do the job to take care of our flea problems. Jill suggested and sent me the Indoor Flea Kit which retails for $64.90 on the DoMyOwnPestControl.com website. It included the Alpine Aerosol and CimeXa dust which can treat more than 2000 sq. ft.

The long-lasting flea control Alpine Aerosol spray is one of the safest professional grade flea sprays for use indoor Because it has IGR, the adult fleas cannot lay eggs, which will stop their reproductive cycle. It also comes with two bottles of CimeXa Dust which is an odor and stain free dust. You can safely spread the dust on your carpets, in cabinets, under cushions, and other areas where fleas may be hiding. I can tell you after treating the house with both products and using the appropriate methods for the cats themselves, we have not seen one flea in almost 8 weeks. I had no adverse reactions from Henry or anyone else in the family or from Hazel and Meep. I would highly recommend the products from DoMyOwnPestControl.com not only for their stellar effectiveness and top notch team but the affordability as well. Pest control can be very expensive and I found the prices with DoMyOwnPestControl.com very competitive. Be sociable and follow DoMyOwnPestControl.com on Facebook and Twitter.

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  1. I need to win this giveaway sooo bad. Id take the Organic Flea Control my cat is extremely allergic to flea bites and anemic and I recently just moved into a house with a dog and it constantly gets fleas. My cat is not an outside cat but he catches them from the dog and he is also allergic to pyrethin. He already had a blood transfusion because of it and is in DESPERATE need of something else because if not he will most certainly die. I cant believe I found this giveaway!!!! Thank you so much!

  2. I would get the Portable Pronto Hand-Held Steam Cleaner – P7, my husband and I have a bed bug problem and not only would that be useful with getting them but also helpful after they’re gone.

  3. flea and tic control would be the best for my house because the lady who grooms my dog doesn’t dip the dogs.

  4. Alpine Aerosol and CimeXa dust for Flea control, we have been battling a similar scenario you speak of because a family member is highly sensitive and on Oxygen so this looks very helpful.

  5. I would really like the Muck Boots Women’s Wetland Boot, I sure could use them for all my outdoor activities.

  6. I would love to be able to purchase the EnviroMate BRIO Steam Cleaner – EB250 but since it’s over $100 than I’d go with some of their Odor Eliminator Products and one of the Complete Ant Kits because we have a really bad ant problem that seems to be almost impossible to control.

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