Why Wool

When I was little, my mom did a ton of knitting. She made clothing, accessories and one of my favorites, a wool throw for the sofa. Wool can be such a gorgeous textile to use in the home as well as for fashion. Wool is a textile fiber that comes from sheep as well as other animals like goats and rabbits. The throw mom made for the sofa was from wool mohair, which comes from goats. It was by far one of the softest cuddle items we had and us kids often fought over who got to use it. There are many other reasons you should use wool and here are just a few of them:

4 Reasons You Should Use Wool

4 Reasons You Should Use Wool

  1. Comfort: Wool is great as an insulator, keeping heat close to your body. It can also be water repellent for small spills, light rain or snow and other liquids. Even when completely soaked, wool can keep you warm, hence the reason fisherman wear those thick wool sweaters.
  2. Wearable: Wool clothing and accessories are perfect to wear for many reasons. Wool is lightweight, versatile, does not easily shrink or wear and tear. Wool also is resistant to stains like grease and oil.
  3. Flammable: Many clothing and home goods manufacturers like to use wool because it is a natural flame retardant. When wool is exposed heat and fire, it chars or smolders and is self-extinguishing. This is why wool blankets are used to extinguish small fires.
  4. Renewable: When spring comes along, sheep are sheared so they are comfortable in the hot summer months. It is non-traumatic for the sheep and it leaves you with a sustainable fiber you find many uses for in your home and your closet!


Because I work from home, I can go days wearing non business clothing. This translated means I can wear my PJ bottoms, a tee shirt and my slippers all day and every day. We share a car, so I seldom go outside of the house except to take Caitlin to school. I may go to the mailbox at the end of the street, but that is about as far as I venture out on a daily basis. With that said, I hate my old slippers because they are already falling apart and are only about 6 months old. What I needed was a pair of indoor shoes I could wear comfortably around the house and would not fall apart if I wore them to the end of the driveway! That is where my new found favorite company, Glerups comes into play.

Glerups are a cleverly designed pair of indoor shoes that will fast become your favorite thing to put on your feet! They are made from 100% pure and natural wool and the soles is made of either calfskin or natural rubber, unless you order baby shoes, which have no outer sole. Glerups process their wool naturally because they are about us humans as well as our environment. The wool is cleaned of all unnecessary chemicals and their colors have no heavy metals or toxic azo-dyes. One of the biggest reasons I love the Glerups is because they are so dang comfortable. The wool is breathable and because they can capture up to 35% of moisture, the slippers always feel dry and warm. I can wear them in the house as well as outside with no fear of getting them dirty, wet or having them fall apart. The Glerups come in several styles including baby shoes, boots, ballerina, kids and slip ons. I chose the Women’s Slipper with the rubber sole in grey, which retail $110. The Glerups line retails from $40 for the baby style while the Slip On retails for $135, with other styles in between. Be sure to follow Glerups on Twitter, Instagram and Google+.

Why wool? Because it is so dang comfortable! Which style of the Glerups would you choose?