I started to write this amazing post about all the cool things I saw at Animal Kingdom Wild Africa Trek, but when I started going through all of my pictures, I realized a few things.

  • These animals on this safari are very quick and always running away from me (which was totally not true. They were pretty much chill and getting ready to eat or go in for the night)
  • I am a very bad photographer with a animal rear fetish. The first part might ring true, but I am doubting the second, but after you see my pictures you might not agree.
  • All the animals are shunning me.
  •  I was so busy looking at all of the animals. I forgot to take pictures until the last minute. You decide and comment below.

Hippo butt

Hippo Butt

Animal booty

Elephant BootyGiraffe Butt
Elephant & Giraffe Booty

Why Are you taking pictures of our butt?
Why Are you taking pictures of our butts?

Rhino Booty

Ostrich Booty Yes that is a lot of animal booty! I think it might have been (insert lame excuse here), but good thing there was a professional photographer along to get a few good shots of what was going on because the only 1/2 way decent picture I got of a face was of this Giraffe that said, “Jen, what is your deal?” and then showed me his butt!

Giraffe Questions Jen

Behind the scenes
With all of these "Behind the Scenes" Pictures it was bound to happen...

I was able to get all of the stunning photographs while travelling over the Wild Africa Trek Lands at Animal Kingdom. I am sure if you look close enough you will be able to see all of the bugs showing me their bootys.

Wild Animal Safari at Animal Kingdom

Now that you have been dazzled by my superb photography skills, let me show you the journey outside of my hands.

Beginning our Trek
Beginning our Trek
Hanging from the edge
We were tethered in so we could get great photos - yes I know...
The Crocodiles we were leaning over
Trying to take a picture
You can see that I was at least trying.

I learned a lot about the animals. Like the hippos shoot excrement from their rears while swishing their tails back and forth to help mark their territory, and that when you cross over the Crocodiles on the rickety bridge be thankful that you are tethered in.

My view

Leaning over the edge

 Cause these crazy guys sleep with their mouths open to help them cool off in the hot Florida sun!

Waiting for lunch?


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