The following post is from my son, Billy Steele, aspiring computer tech & IT guy!

Windows 8 being installed on a new computer hard drive with no previous Operating System installed.

These steps will guide you on how to install Windows 8.1 on a new computer built from the ground up. I have built a computer from the ground up with two hard drives installed in it. If you have only one hard drive in your computer you may skip to Step 1. If you are building a new computer and have multiple hard drives I recommend that you disconnect all hard drives but the one you intend for the Operating System to be installed on. This is done to avoid any confusion and accidentally installing the Operating System on the wrong hard drive.

Two Hard Drives With Windows 8 Install 

Step 1. Turn on the computer and a black screen with grey lettering will appear and say Press any key to boot from CD or DVD Rom. If you did not receive that message, insert the disk and just restart the computer. Insert the Windows disk and press any key on the keyboard. If you’re not sure which disk to insert the 32 bit or the 64 bit, start with the 32 bit because it will notify you if your system can use the 64 bit system once the install has finished. If you did not receive that message, insert the disk and just restart the computer.

Step 2. Windows logo should appear the screen may appear to be frozen with only the windows logo just give it a few minutes. Next it will ask you to click the install button.Windows 8 1

Step 3. You will be asked to enter Language and Region.

Step 4. Enter in the Product key. If you bought the disk from a store, the code will be inside on a small business looking card.

windows 8 2

Step 5. Will ask you to select either Upgrade Install or Custom Install. Select Custom Install.

windows 8 3

Step 6. Select the Proper hard drive and click next.

Step 7. The download begins. It may take a few minutes and your computer will restart once the download is complete.

Step 8. You will have to answer some questions such as the name of the computer, the color theme, your login name, and what password you would like to set.

Step 9. Enjoy Windows 8.1 and its new features.