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Windows Apps For Summer Travel #IntelAIO #WindowsChampions

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Summertime! For those of us who have families, it means that school is out and summer vacation plans are in full swing. Even if you don’t yet have a budding family, there is a chance that travel plans are in your near future. For many, making travel plans can be tiring and extremely stressful. When you’ve got a family to please, traveling becomes even more cumbersome. Between the cost of travel, accommodations, food and entertainment you might as well take that second mortgage on your house. Fortunately, there are Windows Apps that can help to keep a little bit of green in your wallet, all while helping you to organize your next vacation. I am lucky enough to have an Intel AIO my whole family can enjoy!

Great Windows Apps For Summer Travel

  • Skyscanner: This is a great application that can be used to search, sort and book flights. It is incredibly simple to use. Choose your origin and destination, dates and passengers. You will then be taken to a screen that allows you to select from essentially every flight available on the days you selected, or you can use filters to adjust your requirements such as direct flight or cost. You can click here or in the photo above to see a larger example of the Skyscanner search feature.
  • Find My Plane: There is nothing worse than getting off of a plane and not knowing where your connecting flight is going to be located. Airports are notorious for changing gates at a moments notice. With the Find my Plane app, you can check your flight on your Windows tablet, phone or computer once the flight lands to find out exactly where you need to be to make your connection. You can also check the flight on your way to the airport to be sure that your flight is running on time. Friends or family picking you up from the airport? Tell them about this app so that they are able to check the status of your flight, too!

  • Here Maps: Are you planning on driving instead of flying? These days, it can be a much more affordable option, especially if you have a large family. The Here Maps app allows you to map out your entire trip, as well as finding hotels and restaurants along your route. You can even use Here Maps while on foot. Simply search for or type where you would like to walk to and select the On Foot option. The app will give you exact mileage and how long it will take you to walk. You might even decide to skip walking and hop in a cab!

  • Find Near Me: This is an incredible app that allows you to find essentially anything in whatever city it is that you are visiting. The application has a standard toolbar on the left side with search topics such as Restaurants, Banks, Bars, Entertainment or Stadiums. If you want more specific search results, select the “Keywords” button at the top of the screen and type in what you are looking for. In the example below, I searched for my specific bank. Click here or on the image below for a larger example of Find Near Me.

  • Trip Advisor: This is probably one of the most popular applications that I came across. Trip Advisor is great for just about everything travel,  but I especially love it for its restaurant reviews. Anytime I visit a new city I always pull up my Trip Advisor app to see where I must drink my coffee in the morning or enjoy my slice of pizza or something equally as delicious for dinner. As you can see in the image below, you can retrieve photos and information about the  restaurant, see a star rating scale and read reliable reviews from others who have dined there. Trip Advisor also helps you find hotels and flights and things to do in the area once you arrive, all of which are rated by real users. I especially love it because I am a planner and like to know if a particular hotel is under construction or if a certain show just isn’t worth my time.

Whether you are going near or far with this summer, it is always wise to plan your way. Not only should you utilize the above Windows applications to help plan your trip, you should also be sure to plan according to what your family’s wants and needs are. If you have younger children, you might want to stick with a long weekend at their favorite theme park. Save that trip to Las Vegas for later on in the future! Oh, and don’t forget to plan on making lots of memories!

What travel plans do you have this summer?

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