Winter Break Boredom Busters

I cannot believe Thanksgiving is just a few days away! I guess I better get my butt in gear and get that turkey thawing! As much as I love the holidays, they can be super stressful with all the the things I need to do. Between shopping, cooking, entertaining and everything else that goes with the holiday territory, I do not have time to keep my kids entertained! After about 2 days of being on winter break, they are up in my gig telling me how bored they are. I cannot spend another break hearing the kids say, “Mooooomm…I’m so BOOORED!” Since I retired from the title of “Entertainment Director” when they turned about 12, they are own their own as far as keeping busy. To give them a little nudge in the right direction, I came up with a few things they can do so they stay out of my hair so I can work!

4 Ideas To Keep Kids Busy On Winter Break

4 Ideas To Keep Kids Busy On Winter Break

  1. DIY Gifts: Because my kids are older, they are able to help make some of the gifts we give. One of our favorites, which is also one of the easiest is to make scarves. We buy 2 yards in each of 3-4 different patterns of fleece and fold it into thirds. Then you cut the fabric along the fold lines and then cut the fringe on the ends. These end up costing about $2 per scarf!
  2. Have An Indoor Camp Out: This is one of the kids favorites, although I am the one who usually ends up cleaning up after. I am not sure who is the winner in this one, but they love it, so I do too! The kids basically take apart the sofa and make a fort. Next they gather up all the flashlights, grab some snacks and drinks, their favorite movie and the portable DVD player. TaaDaa! Instant indoor camping!
  3. Dart Tag: I am a huge fan of toys you can play with outdoors or in. The kids love to play tag with their foam darts. Think of it as a moving human target who takes turns getting shot at! With the Scorpion Gatling Blaster by Dart Zone, the kids can fire a round of darts automatically without hurting each other or the house.
  4. Pretend Play: With the latest installment in the Hunger Games movies out, my kids are amped up. Caitlin is a huge fan and Henry is happy to play along with his sister. With their uber cool light up Air Storm Firetek Bow from Zing, they can play their version of the Hunger Games either inside or out.

dart gun

We live in a rental house, so we have to be careful of how we treat the property. I have to be sure the toys the kids play with are not going to tear the house down. If I can find toys that are durable enough to play with both inside and out, I am super happy. The kids have been having the best time with their new toys from Zing and Dart Zone. The Scorpion Gatling Blaster, which sells for $20 from Walmart is perfect for some hide and seek target practice both in and out of the house.

Henry loves the rapid fire he gets from the high-capacity dart blaster. The blaster can shoot up to 20 Super Darts in under 20 seconds and can shoot up to 70 feet in the air, which makes it hard for Caitlin to completely escape from his barrage of fire! You can see the Scorpion Gatling Blaster in this short video:

For their Hunger Games play, the kids have had a blast (yes, that is a play on words) with their light up Air Storm Firetek Bow from Zing, which is available for $30 from WalMart. The kids can play day or night, inside or out with this super cool foam bow and arrow archery toy.

Your kids can light up the night with its LED light-up power. They can take aim from behind the sofa or a tree as they take aim against their enemy. This baby can shoot up to 145 feet with its Zonic Blaze glowing whistle-screaming arrows. This toy made it to Walmart’s 2014 Chosen by Kids Toy Toys List! See it in full action in this video:

One USA reader will win a Scorpion Gatling Blaster and Air Storm Firetek Bow, ARV $50.

Which of these winter break boredom busters do you like, or do you have one of your own to share?