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My prize is…a cookware bonanza from Neway International Housewares including the following items. You can see the review for them here: Neway Housewares Has The Best Quality Stainless Steel Cookware

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  1. I like the wooden storage block to keep them safely stored out of reach of little hands, but easily accessible for grownups. also nice not to have to dig through the knife drawer trying to find the one you need.

  2. It is a beautiful cookware set and food do not stick to it. I need new cookware and this is exactly what I want and need. Thanks so much.

  3. I like that it comes with so many choices – especially the peeler and scissors. I use kitchen scissors for everything and it’s hard to find a great pair.

  4. I like that they have a High carbon stainless steel material that makes the edge very fine and sharp…great giveaway, thanks!

  5. I like that they have a High carbon stainless steel material that makes the edge very fine and sharp…great giveaway, thanks!

  6. My favorite thing about this product is the handle will stay cool because it’s silicone wrapped – I’ve burnt one too many hands on my current handles!

  7. the scissors – i would love to have a set with my knives, i feel like the other kitchen sissors keep walking off

  8. I like that you know ahead of time that they aren’t dishwasher safe! I had a very nice set ruined when my son decided to help me clean after dinner…lol..

  9. I like this feature “Bakelite handle has hygiene benefit and handle sharp is ergonomically comfortable”

  10. I like that it’s all one piece of high carbon stainless steel going through the handle. Not just stopping at the hilt. Love it, hard to find good quality knives.

  11. i love that this cookware is great for glass ranges as well as conventional stoves too, and it’s gorgeous!!

  12. ■The Cook N Home 8 Piece Stainless Cookware Set Encapsulated Bottom I like that it is stainless steel and it is not warped like my current pots and pans

  13. I love stainless steel! They are very easy to clean up and with the glass lids, it would be a breeze to keep an eye on the food as it cooks.

  14. I like the variety of knives and they come with a storage block so they aren’t just thrown in drawers everywhere

  15. I LOVE that the knives say “Not dishwasher safe”. I never put even cheapo knives through the dishwasher.

  16. I like that it is made of high carbon stainless steel. But its not a good thing that its not dishwasher safe…to easy to forget and place in dishwasher.

  17. Not to be overdramatic, but they are NEW! And sharp! And great quality. Ours are currently old, dull, and cheap!

  18. STAINLESS pans! NOTHING is like it. Ladies, trust me, do NOT ever get non-stick set. Only nonstick to get is your egg/crepe pan. I also love the knife set. That is the ONE last investment I need to make for my kitchen. I hope I win this!!! I have a daughter just beginning her life on her own, I’d gift her the pots and pans!!!

  19. These products appear well made. I could use some new kitchen items…Mine are certainly showing the years of use!

  20. I like that with the block, you will always be able to tell quickly just HOW MANY knives SHOULD be in the sink (does it show much that I’ve been stabbed once too often?) They sound well designed & , Let’s face it…, those serrated blades are nice for a lot of things… but there is no substitute for a straight blade
    …though I can’t help wondering if “not dishwasher safe” is because of repeated injuries reported & damage to appliance from people who don’t think when loading/unloading a dishwasher…

  21. My favorite thing about this product is Bakelite handle has hygiene benefit and handle sharp is ergonomically comfortable

  22. They are all nice products, I especially like the ergonomic handles on the knives and the see through lids on the cook ware. Thanks for the awesome giveaways.

  23. My favorite thing? We’d get sharp/new knives that we could sharpen as needed. Our current set isn’t really one we can sharpen – they work, but aren’t the greatest.

  24. EVERY knife I would need!!! The block, too. To keep them staying their sharpest. Wow. Knives is one thing I have NOT yet invested in for my kitchen.

  25. Cook N Home 15-Piece Cutlery Set is my pick
    because the knife are sharp.
    The wooden block is great and useful
    for storing the knife set.

  26. I love that it had a storage block so you dont have to reach into a draw and pick out out. Also it has different kinds of knifes for different things you might need them for

  27. I like that it’s a complete set- it’s everything you need for your kitchen, which is great for someone like me who doesn’t have much of her own kitchen stuff yet!

  28. I like the fact that they have high carbon stainless steel material that make the edge very fine and sharp.

  29. They are a beautiful set and includes all the things I need to cook the kind of meals I want my family to enjoy.


  31. I love that the knives are super sharp and come in a full set of everything you need! Thank you for the giveaway!

  32. I really like its a set of knifes that match with scissors. They are not dishwasher safe so it keeps them newer.

  33. i like that it has full tang handles and the block is simple but efficient storage. thanks for a fabulous giveaway!

  34. It might be silly but I love that the knives have the storage block! I hate going through drawers trying to whichever knife I need at the moment.

  35. My husband and I are stainless steel fans so that is my favorite part of the products in the giveaway – we have lots of it in our kitchen, even the fridge and sink are stainless steel!

  36. I love that the pots are stainless steel. I have been wanting to switch to stainless steel for a while now!

  37. I like the fact that it all basically matches, or goes well together and the knives will be sharp!! I am used to dull, mismatched everything!!!

  38. THe Stainless stell cookware would be a wonderful prize to win, espepcialy when you look at my”mis-matched” set of cookware.

  39. The wood holding block looks very nice, but I like the full tang construction of the knives that provides more durability. 🙂

  40. My favorite thing is that it’s a full cookware set that isn’t peeling and in need of going into the trash like mine is! This would be awesome, especially since a stainless steel set is on my Christmas wish list!

  41. My favorite thing is the full tang construction. I have a wonderful set of Japanese picnic knives that are starting to go because the tang is just a stub inserted into the handle.

  42. Not sure if my other comment posted so just in case…..I just like they’re stainless steel. I have never owned anything that nice so this would be GREAT! Thanks for the chance.

  43. I like that they are extra durable. There is nothing worse than buying a set of knives that you think are great and the handles end up breaking. Thanks for the chance.

  44. I love that it all looks like great quality,and I could use some steak knives right now,as well as the knife block with knives!

  45. I like the fact that the knives all have a full tang with 3 rivets so they are more durable. I have snapped handles off knives before (stupid acorn squash ) and this would help prevent it from happening again!

  46. I like that they are made from High carbon stainless steel material which makes the edge very fine and sharp

    • oops…comment about your post.
      My favorite thing about the cutlery set is the carbon stainless steel materialthat makes the edges very fine and sharp

  47. I like that they seem like high quality and have a fantastic price. I have very few so winning this set would be awesome! Thanks for the chance!

  48. I like how everything matches, the price, and that the cutlery set is made with high carbon stainless steel material which makes the edge very fine and sharp.

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