Wire Shelving System

Wire Shelving System

We live in a pretty small house and needed a wire shelving system for our laundry room. We have plenty of living space which is great if you don’t have any need for storage. The closets in the bedrooms and bathroom are jam packed with our extra stuff. Everyone needs somewhere to store their stuff and then they need more storage when they buy more stuff! I have large plastic containers for our decorations, out of season clothes and the things we don’t need from day to day. Well, you can only stack so many containers into a small space!!

We don’t have a storage shed or garage, so most of our outdoor things are stuffed into the tiny laundry room we have. I have our tools, gardening supplies and fun in the sun summer junk. I have one shelf that runs the length of the laundry room which houses a TON of stuff and I am surprised it has not come crashing down on us yet…Oh wait! It did come crashing down on us when our fat cat Hazel attempted some weird cat Olympic move and took out our only means for storage we had. So, off I went in search of quality storage that would fit into our small space but was made well and didn’t cost an arm and a leg. We got completely frustrated at the choices we found. At the discount store, we found plastic shelving that look like a strong wind would knock it down. At the home improvement store we found a slightly better selection but their prices were ridiculous. What a happy day it was when I found The Shelving Store.

Chrome Storage Shelving Unit

Brad from The Shelving Store recommended I review the chrome storage shelving unit, which is also their most popular kit. These shelving units have a wide range of sizes, strength and shelf spacing flexibility. Another great feature is that you can also add to your unit when you buy more stuff. We decided on the 4 shelf, 18x24x64″ Chrome Wire Shelving System (valued at $99). When the box arrived I thought to myself “Great! We got the shelves we needed but I am going to  need an engineering degree to assemble it.” Well readers, either I am really, really dumb, my kids are really, really smart or the shelving unit was very easy to put together. It is a combination of all three but mostly the ease it took to put together. The kids had the unit together in about 10 minutes and it fits PERFECTLY in our little bitty laundry room. These shelves are such high quality that they will last for years to come and for the price, I dare you to find shelving this well made anywhere else.  Please be advised cat is not included in any purchase from The Shelving Store.

The Shelving Store has created a coupon code just for our Makobi Scribe readers.  For the next three weeks (from 3/26 to 4/14), readers can receive 10% off their total purchase using coupon code “Makobi10” during checkout. The offer cannot be combined with other coupon codes, but will work for items on sale. So, Makobi10 will save you 10%!