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Wireless Portable Speakers From BoomBotix Sweepstakes

Wireless Portable Speakers

If you are someone who loves to be on the go but wants to have their music with them, wireless portable speakers are a great option.  My family goes camping, to the lake, to the park and many other outdoor activities where some music would be awesome.  Music is part of who I am and without it I wilt like a dying flower!  There is something great about relaxing at the lake and listening to Van Morrison or The Civil Wars.  The problem with bringing your music with you is how to play it when you are outdoors.  We all have iPod shuffles, but we have no way to play them so everyone can hear the music.  We don’t really have any other form of music unless we use the laptop with I don’t like to take with me when we are out for the day or weekend.

BoomBotix is a company born in San Francisco in 2009 among the art scene and the sports world.  In 2010, BoomBotix introduced their portable speaker that bragged of its incredibly loud output.  For people who are on the go, riding bikes, surfing, skating or anything else out in the beautiful outdoors, a speaker that could handle the climates.  With a design that is cutting edge and completely awesome, the BoomBotix portable speakers have made their mark in the portable electronic arena and they aren’t going anywhere but up and they will be as loud as possible.  With the BoomBotix wireless portable speaker, you can literally take your music wherever you go.

Speakers That Are Durable

With my family, if we are going to look for a way to bring music on the road with us, we need speakers that are durable.  My kids are really rough and tumble and they cannot go anywhere near a set of speakers made for sissies.  When I was offered to review one of the speakers from BoomBotix, I was very intrigued.  Could there really be a speaker that would hold up to my family’s abuse as well as the outdoor elements?  I kind of doubted it. I was given the BoomBot Carbon Fiber portable speaker ($74.99).  This little guy is very cool to look at but can it deliver on the sound?  Um…yes, yes it can!  This little sucker can get really, really loud and it is tough enough to take to the lake.  I was very surprised and very happy to have the chance to take a trip to the lake and listen to my favorite tunes while enjoying the beautiful weather here in Tennessee!

Two readers will win a BoomBot1 Portable Speaker ARV ($44.99)

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