Back to Blocks  Blocks by the Bucket

I had been searching for wooden building blocks. When I discovered Back to Blocks: Blocks by the Bucket, I knew that this would make a perfect Christmas present for my 4 year old son, Tate.  He loves blocks and building towers as tall as he can!  Most block sets offer only a few sizes which can make building difficult and not as much fun.  The Back to Blocks Crazy Constructor Set comes with 120 blocks perfectly packaged in a 3.5 gallon bucket, which makes clean up so much easier!!  It comes with an easy open lid, so it is simple for my son to open and close.  I love the bucket and lid because it makes it easy for my son to open the blocks to play independantly, as well as be able to put them away himself.

Wooden Building Blocks

The Back to Blocks are wooden building blocks that are made to last!  The Crazy Constructor set that I received from Back to Blocks is the perfect size for my 4 year old son Tate.  This set comes with 120 blocks, in 17 different shapes, including small, large, arches, triangles, wedges, columns, posts and windows.  Everything you need to build the perfect house, fort, tower, whatever you want, is right here in this set!  I love that the Back to Blocks are made from natural wood and have no paint, dyes and stains.  This is very important to me, as I have a one year old daughter who puts everything in her mouth.  These blocks are tested for safety so you can rest assured you children can play safely with this product!   Building blocks help develop creativity, solve problems, build fine motor skills and help children play cooperatively.  The Crazy Constructor set retails for $ 75.99.  They offer other size block set starting from the Basic Builder (60 blocks for $39.99) up to the Super Stacker (200 blocks for $119.99).

Wooden Block Set

I know quality is important to all parents when purchasing a wooden block set!  The Back to Blocks are made to last for years to come!  Think of your purchase as a long term investment that your children can play with for years and years.  If ever your wooden blocks splinter or crack with normal use, they will replace them for FREE.  Not many companies will stand by their products like that!  If you are in the market for a fun gift for your children for Christmas or birthdays, remember Back to Blocks, Blocks by the Bucket!  Follow them on Facebook for the latest product information!
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