My son was really bummed when I pulled out the new game I received, Word on the Street.  You see, he’s 12 years old, and doesn’t really think that spelling is capable of being fun – even if it is in a game.  We had three players, so we split into two teams – my son and my husband against me.  They won’t admit it, but they did that because they know I’m really good at spelling so they thought that the two of them could team up and maybe have a chance at beating me.

Word Board Games For Kids

We weren’t completely clear on the instructions at first, but once we started playing, we got the hang of it quickly.  Each team has a side of the board.  Letter tiles are placed in the center of the board or the “median” of the “road” that is the board.  The first team draws a card with a subject on it.  They then have to discuss and come up with a word that fits the subject, and then move the letters that spell that word towards their side of the board.  For example, my son and husband started with “A River” on their subject card.  My son spelled out “Mississippi”.  As he spelled the word, he was able to move the letter tiles from the center towards their side of the “street” once for each time the letter appeared in the word.  So for Mississippi, he moved the “m” once to the left, then there are no vowels, so that is skipped, then “s” gets moved twice to the left (since there are two s’ in the word), “i” is again skipped, then “p” is moved twice, and then the last “i” is skipped.  You go back and forth this way eventually getting the letters far enough to your side so they leave the board.  Once a team has eight letters total completely off their side of the board, they win.  It seems a little confusing, but it goes pretty quick.

We actually really enjoyed the game.  It is a great word board game for kids. There is a time limit, and you are required to spell properly, so that adds a little anxiety to the mix.  We played twice, and my son even asked to play a third time, so I would say that’s quite a success for a seventh grader who doesn’t think spelling is “fun”!  I actually appreciated that it was so easy to learn and that the game played fairly quickly.  We find with so many games, they take to long to set up and play that sometimes we don’t want to go to all of that effort.  This game is easy to set up, and quick to play.  It also really kept us thinking.  I think that spelling is something that’s great for anyone to work on, anytime, so it’s a great game for a family, and it’s a great way to get your kids to practice spelling while still enjoying.  While we played the regular version for ages 12 to adult, there’s also a Word on the Street Junior, which is for ages 8 to adult. You can purchase Word on the Street or the junior version online for around $20

Out of the Box Publishing is offering a Word on the Street board game.  This is a game that is timeless and will bring any family many hours of good, educational fun.  Just don’t remind your kids that they’re learning while they play!

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