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Six Things I Cannot Live Without When Working From Home

Working from home is a very personal decision many of us take very seriously and the reasons to work from home vary from person to person. The foundation of the choice is most likely to have the flexibility and freedom to work from the comforts of your home as opposed to an office. I know for me, it allowed me to take care of my children and still provide for my family financially. It also gives me the opportunity to home school my son, who has autism and is unable to function in the public school system. Over the years, I have honed in on the essentials I need to make working from home work for me. Of course my list will vary from yours, but I bet there are a few commonalities to be found there!

6 Essentials I Need When I Work From Home

  1. High Speed Internet: Because my work is online, I could not function without my Internet. Because my entire family relies on the web, we needed a high speed choice so none of us lagged or were bumped off several times a day. How annoying that is! This need of course includes my wireless router so I am not tied down when I am working on the computer.
  2. A Laptop: Of course you need a computer to work from home in most cases. The question is desk top or laptop. For me, I cannot work on a desk top due to a back injury, so I use a laptop.
  3. Coffee: When you go to bed late and get up early like many of us who work from home do, you gotta have coffee and lots of it!
  4. Support: I have several friends who also work from home and it is great to be able to support each other. This can be from brainstorming, advice, being there to listen or lean on and to network with. Without my buddies, I think I would go insane!
  5. An Outlet: No, I do not mean an electrical outlet! I mean an outlet for me to let go of the stress of my day. This for me is a walk in the local park or to workout at the YMCA down the street. This way I get to stay healthy mentally as well as physically.
  6. Music: I listen to a LOT of music. It fuels my passions to write, soothes my soul and makes me happy! I have an internet based subscription I share with my daughter. I listen to my music for at least 3-4 hours each day. This also lets me block out my son when he is done with his school work and is getting rambunctious playing his video games!

One cannot listen to music properly without the perfect pair of headphones. I am super picky about the headphones I use and for me personally, the only company I trust is iLuv. I have built an amazing relationship with the folks at iLuv and have reviewed several products for review. One of my latest favorites would be the MobiRock which I reviewed in my post, “Top Five Wireless Devices For Your Home.” I have this in my bedroom so I can listen to my favorite tunes at night. We recently received the FitActive, which I reviewed in my post, “Earbuds For Working Out: Are They Are Better?” These are perfect for exercising, but when I am just listening at home, I prefer over the head headphones.

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What is your must have item for working from home?

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