This is a sponsored post created in partnership with Purina. However, I used their products prior to this arrangement & voice only my true & honest opinions.Fisher on the water

Fisher is an unusual cat. He is a Puma which is a newer breed; a mix of Burmese and Bengal. He can jump from the floor to the fridge and he fetches toys like a dog. There is not a critter around my house who will survive the hunting prowess Fisher exudes.

He wows me every day. Since Fisher has enriched my life so much, I wanted to do the same for him. He deserves all the best things I can give him.

cat on kayak

One of my favorite things is going out on the water; the scenery and wildlife I encounter is nothing short of amazing. I wanted to share these experiences with him, so I brought him out on the water in my kayak. Jason from Nail Travels is touring the river in my backyard with Fisher above.

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Wait?! What?! A cat on the water?


Yes, my Fisher loves the water. He is even known to hop from kayak to kayak and will jump in the water to swim to the next boat if I am not paddling fast enough for his tastes!

cat swimming in water


Florida is so beautiful and I want to share all I can with my best pet, Fisher. The other day we went exploring the sandbar near my house. In the image below we are checking out the bubbles mollusks make when they are under the sand. We are very curious about such things, you could say curious like …a cat.

cat on sandbar

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cat eating broth

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wow your cat


So, tell me…how much do you love your cat? What does he do to wow you? What do you do to wow him?