Being a mother is perhaps the most rewarding and stressful job on the planet. As your child reaches school age, you will have to make an important decision. Deciding whether to stay at home or start working again can be a difficult process. Women represent roughly 45% of the American workforce. If you are looking to enter the workforce after a long hiatus, having a great looking resume is imperative.

The modern job market is a highly competitive landscape. Business owners and hiring managers are looking to hire the most qualified and hard-working employees. Showing off your qualifications and skills is easy with a great resume. Companies like ResumeBuild, the ultimate online resume builder, make it easy for you to create and optimize a resume. If you are writing your first resume, consider the following tips for success.

Writing your first resume

Know What Information Business Owners are Looking For

Before you begin the process of creating a resume, you need to figure out what to include in this document. When reentering the workforce, you will need an explanation for why you have been out of work for so long. Most business owners understand that being a mother to a newborn or toddler is a very time-consuming job. Instead of trying to be evasive about your absence from the workforce, you need to be honest and transparent.

You also need to give details about the type of work you did before becoming a mother. Ideally, you want to provide a potential employer with your educational background and work history. These pieces of information can provide a hiring manager some insight into who you are. Make sure to only include information that is relevant to the job you are posting for. Hiring managers only want to see the information that applies to their industry.

Your Resume Needs a Keyword Optimization Strategy

Modern businesses use a number of high-tech tools to make the hiring process easier. An applicant tracking system is a program that helps a business owner find the best applicants out of a bulk list of resumes. This type of software uses specific keywords to narrow down the resumes in their system.

Making sure your resume includes lots of relevant keywords is crucial. These keywords will be related to the industry a particular company operates in. For instance, if you are applying for a job at a lawyer’s office, you need to put in words like “paralegal” or “previous experience at a law office” in your resume. By doing this, you can increase the chance of getting chosen by an applicant tracking system.

Provide a resume summary

Provide a Resume Summary

Making your resume more scannable is a great way to improve your chances of getting a callback from a potential employer. Creating a resume summary to attach to your actual resume is a great idea. This document should include a synopsis of what is included in the resume. By providing this summary, you can make it easy for a hiring manager to find out important information about you. One of the first things you need to put on your resume summary is your educational and work background.

You also need to mention any accomplishments that are relevant. While you will have to spend some time and energy developing this summary, it is worth it. Making the job of a hiring manager easier will only help you gain their favor.

Constantly Update Your Resume

Any time you take a new job or earn a new degree, you need to include this information on your resume. Updating your resume with this information can make it more appealing and eye-catching to potential employers in the future.