xoutMy son, Billy, like most teens struggle with hormones taking over their face. What used to be baby smooth skin is now replaced with bumps and ridges, and to top it off he has a job at a pizza place. So grease and grime are seeping into his pores every work shift. I kept telling him he needed to get going on a daily skin regimen, but everything he tried he really was not too fond of. He is a gentle sort of man, or his skin is, and most astringents and cleansers dried his skin out not only leaving him with pimples, but drying them out to where he scratched the itch and made scabs. Most awesome for a teen! Not.

See his pre-XOut post.

After Billy used the XOut treatmentfor a few weeks, his skin began to clear up substantially enough to where he became lax in using and then he broke out again. I told him that was the way of the world. The reason why his skin was looking good was because the XOut 1-step treatment was actually working. It reminded me of people on pysch meds who said they didn’t need their meds cause they felt fine. LOL – You mean the medicine is working? Same principal. Of course being camera shy, I was only able to catch him sporadically and seemingly not on his good skin days. His forehead was the area that showed the most improvement, but he would not let me take a picture. Sigh! Teens!

Billy before XOut
Xout 3 week results
Billy after using XOut for 3 weeks

Like most boys his age, however, he was not too interested in washing all of the time, but as I kept on him, you could see the improvement. I showed him the videos from the QR code and I think that made him more apt to continue with the program cause he stopped complaining I was harping on him 🙂 Or one of the  pretty girls at school smiled at him? Actually, I think it was the way the videos made the washing go faster and appealed to the lazy in him! Also it was teens talking to teens – so appealed to wanting to be like his peers. Simple is the key for any boy on the run, and XOut does just that.

School, hobbies, dating, the internetz—we get it. You don’t have time for a complex teen acne treatment. X Out™ fits your crazy busy life by doing the zit fighting you need in 1 simple step:

  • Washes medicine deep into pores and leaves it behind
  • Detonates an awesome icy slap you can really feel
  • All in 1 step, twice a day

One of my lucky readers will win a 60-day supply of X Out valid to those with a US address only.

I wrote this review while participating in a testdrive campaign by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of X Outand received a X Out product sample to facilitate my review, one to giveaway, and a promotional item to thank me for participating.
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