Personal Microderm

I am almost 60, and after having lived in Florida most of my life – including a childhood on the beach – I definitely have sun damaged skin. I have freckles, age spots and wrinkles. I enjoyed many years with people commenting how young I look for my age. Well, that all ended when I reached 40 and the damage from my childhood sun exposure began to surface. Those years of pre-sunscreen knowledge      (and a little help with baby oil) made for a great tan in my youth, but I am certainly paying the price now.  I’ve been to dermatologists for prescription face peels, visited spas for facials and of course, used my own skin care treatments. I have also purchased and used a personal exfoliator from a name brand cosmetic company. None of these had the results and convenience of the PMD personal Microderm tool. It was unbelievably easy to use and with each weekly use, I experienced continued improvement to my skin. It can be used more aggressively depending on a person’s individual skin and problem – spot treating a no so visible location will let you know what is best for you. As I have very sensitive skin, once a week was good for me.

One important warning is not to use any products with Alpha and Beta Hydroxy aicd, retin A or retinol products within 48 hours before or after using the PMD.  These ingredients are found in many facial skin care products on the market today. Your face will be too sensitive to the sun – even with heavy duty sun screen!

In the package is the PMD hand held tool and electrical cord. What I think is nice is the extra-long cord which allows me to be comfortable and still reach an outlet. Also included is: a training disc so I was able to learn how much pressure to apply and how my skin would react to the treatment. There are different sizes of discs for varying levels of abrasiveness and location of application. Yes, this can be used to smooth out places such as elbows and heels. The product comes with an easy to follow instruction booklet and a demonstration and instructional DVD. The purchase price of a PMD  is only 179 which is far less than what would spend at spa. Replacement discs are available for as low as $11 – $14. There are several discount offers on their website; including 25% off, free shipping and 30% off if you like them on Facebook.

This review is a guest post from my mommy!


  1. I really want to win this product because I could really use it. I am 58 with sundamage, wrinkles.

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