You too can get paid to blog.  I have found several programs that have been helpful to me or that I am just trying out.  Please let me know your success stories and share your affiliates with me.  We can help each other enjoy our Blogging Careers.  Do you have a favorite affiliate that brings you lots of money and is easy to use?  Please share it!!

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I had already been a member of Social Spark.  They are a well known company I had found through my paid-to-tweet company, Sponsored Tweets.  I had written an article already for them, and my payment is currently pending.  Their sign up process is super easy.  After you sign up, add a blog, and in about a week my blog was processed.  I receive leads every couple days that I can say I’m interested or bargain my price with.  Super user friendly.  Already paying out!  IZEA also has another program Pay Per Post, but I hear it takes months to get your blog approved there.  I am on the list, so we shall see.  While signing up for Pay Per Post, I also found Sponzai where they write the posts and you put them on your blog.
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The first place I stopped by yesterday was Smorty.  It had an easy sign-up process, and I was approved shortly after.  Make sure, however, after you sign up that you ADD your blog :)!  They rate your blog out of 5 stars (I got 4) and then your blog sits in a queue waiting to be approved.  I will update you after that happens.  They also have a feature of Post Exchange where you exchange posts with another Smorty user.

Next on my list was Sponsored Reviews.  I had signed up with them last year on a different blog and received several offers a month to blog for them.  You have the choice to blog for the companies or not, but if you decide to accept, it is a must to finish your post ASAP!  What I liked about Sponsored Reviews is that I could find advertisers myself in addition to receiving offers from them. Currently, my blog is pending approval.

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Infolinks was the last stop.  They highlight word in your posts and pay you on a click basis every month.  I like that you can turn Infolinks off and on in individual posts and pages.

I am also an advertising affiliate with MySavings Media- Quality Offers – Top Payouts and have their rotating banners on my page.  I earna fair amount of money through them.

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