You Will Flip Over The Lenovo Yoga Pro 2

If you have not seen the Lenovo Yoga Pro 2 in action, you are in for a huge treat. When I say you will flip over it, I am not kidding! It is flexible, thin, lightweight and sassy, comes in Grey or Clementine Orange and will change what you think about computers.


This convertible 4-in-1 computer can flip and fold in a snap. It can flip around a full 360 degrees and easily transforms from a PC to a tablet. It has four positions; Laptop, Stand, Tablet and Tent so it can convert to what you need, when you need it. I could not believe how super easy it was to go from one mode to the other.


You are not going to believe the high resolution 13.3 inch 10 finger touchscreen. The 3200 x 1800 res display on the Yoga Pro 2 is absolutely phenomenal. The images are crisp and clear and the colors are just indescribable. This is because it has 2.8 times the pixel density of Full HD. The Yoga Pro 2 currently has the highest screen resolution on the market. With its 178 degree wide angle, you get a great view from practically any line of sight you choose.


The Yoga Pro 2 is unbelievably thin, at just 15.5 mm and at just 3.1 pounds, you can easily carry it wherever you go. You get a fully functional laptop and tablet with Windows 8.1, a backlit keyboard making using it in low light easy as pie. The AccuType keyboard is ergonomically designed to make typing more comfortable. The Yoga 2 Pro’s speakers give you a rich stereo sound and the Dolby Home Theater give you a total audio experience. I love knowing I have 9 hours of battery life with the Yoga Pro 2. Now when I travel, I am not running around the airport or convention center trying to find an outlet every few hours. With the Intel WiDi, you can wireless stream photos, music, web based videos and Internet TV directly to your HDTV. With its built in security features, you have the peace of mind your data is being kept safer.

Lenovo YOGA Pro 2 Keyboard

The Yoga Picks is a concierge type feature which can suggest apps based on the device’s mode, custom apps and voice control. For example, when it is in tablet mode, Yoga Picks will suggest apps like Birizzle, which is a popular touch game or Zinio, an e-reader. When it is in tent mode, the Yoga Pro 2 offers apps like the Fresh Paint as well as Rara music streaming. I appreciate this feature because I do not always know what apps to use or what are available. With Yoga Picks, I can let my Yoga Pro do the choosing for me!


A feature I thought was really cool is the Phone Companion, which allows the user to copy text from documents or websites/pages and send it to their phones as a text message. Now if I am online and see something cool I want to share, it is easy to do with the Phone Companion. When in Tablet mode, you can edit or retouch photos with the touch of your fingers on the 10-point multi-touch screen. I edit a lot of pictures, so if I have the ability to do it via touch screen, that makes my life so much easier.


I am a huge photo bug, so I am in love with the features the Yoga Camera Man offers, You can take pictures with effects like lomo, 4-in-1, macro, GIF and more. When I am in the kitchen, I can use the Yoga Chef in tent mode and tap or use the voice control to access and flip through my recipes or cooking apps. Another uber cool feather is the Lenovo Motion Control which uses the webcam as an input device. You can flip pages, rewind or forward music and change the volume, all with the flick of a hand.

To see the Yoga Pro 2 in action, here is a short video.

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