I am going to BlogHer ’11 and I have a chance to win a Yummie Tummie private session with the submission of this essay. After you read it, if you think I am worthy, please Go to Yummie Tummie Facebook page  andYummie Tummie Twitter page to “put in a good word” for me on Facebook and/or Twitter–This will have no bearing on the contest, but it sure sounds fun!!

I have been pregnant and/or nursing the past 4 years of my life. I am 38. As you can probably imagine, my waist-line is not what it once used to be. I have been dieting, walking, and chasing toddlers to slim that waist of mine, but I still have the slightly persistent (okay SERIOUSLY persistent) love handles and big ol Italian birthing hips! I love the way I know this shirt would fit, helping to slim the extra arm love and muffin top making me look like a slimmer pre-baby but still sexy momma! The second shirt, the Mayumi Top looks super-fab, and I just love the style; classy and elegant while slimming!


Plastic surgery is just not an option, yet every woman likes to feel and look their best for themselves and their loved ones. We want to say Wow! Not Ow! When you work hard all day chasing kids and blogging infinite words of wisdom {:)} it is nice to be able to look your best with minimal effort. I have browsed through the entire collection at Yummie Tummie and have found several pieces to fit many body styles, including mine!

I am hoping to be picked for the Yummie Tummie complete make over because; well, I deserve it. My husband has recently become employed as an over-the-road trucker (Thank goodness he is employed), but this leaves me to be mommy and daddy changing lightbulbs, taking out the trash, kissing booboos, working, loving, cooking, laundry and the million other chores their are to do all while missing my husband for 6 weeks at a time. I marvel at all the single mommas that do what I have begun to do! However, I digress. What I really want to do is get a piece of me back, a little self-boost, way to look good and look and feel like the winner I know that I am. I want to look as beautiful as my husband thinks I am and surprise him with a “new, fresh, slim-lined” look Yummie Tummie could provide. Instead of my same pre-pregnant ill-fitting frumpy house wife duds, it would be nice to greet him with a smile in my heart, and look good! So #YummieChristina pick me as a finalist and make my year!

Thanks to my Triberr members and friends for Tweeting to Yummie Tummie to check out my entry 🙂


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