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Zeenie Dollz The Eco Friendly Doll Saving The Planet

While Caitlin and I were wrapping gifts the other day, we were talking about recycling. She learned about it in middle school and was a big cheerleader for the family to be more eco friendly. We have a free recycling service that picks up twice a month, so it is easy for us to do our part. She was saying that a lot of teachers at school were talking about using more eco friendly wrapping paper and giving planet friendly gifts. I told her we were using a lot of paper that is made from recycled materials and we recycled our scraps in the bins outside. She got a kick out of a line of eco friendly dolls that are saving the planet. The line of Zeenie Dollz are a great way to teach your kids about living a greener lifestyle.

Why Would You Want An Eco Friendly Doll?

More and more parents are making the decision to live a more socially responsible lifestyle. I think it has become more apparent in the past 10 years or so that our planet is on a decline. If we do not step up and do our part to protect the planet, I feat what will be left behind for our kids kids and their kids. Why would you want an eco friendly doll? They are a great tool for teaching your kids about what it means to live a greener life and how they can help do that. The Zeenie Dollz are girl warriors who were sent to our planet by Mother Earth to rescue our planet and are great for showing kids about doing the same! The website is filled with cool activities and information on each of these unique dolls to helo your little girl learn about becoming an eco warrior herself!

We were sent Zennia, who is also known as Mother Earth. She is the the giver and sustainer of life on Earth’€™s biosphere. She is known as our planet’€™s greatest protector, but she has five eco-warriors were born with unique super powers to help her fight the earth’s destroying villains. Zennia is a beautiful doll with her blue and green mermaid style dress and matching blue hair. She is 12″ and is a fully articulated ball jointed doll, made of recyclable and non-toxic plastics. With each of the Zeenie Dollz purchased, a portion of the sale is donated to planet saving organizations.  You can purchase the Zennie Dollz from their website for $39.99 and right now, they have a great deal. For each 2 Zeenie Dollz you purchase, you get one free as well as a free t-shirt! Be sure to follow Zeenie Dollz on Facebook and Twitter.

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