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Zhu Zhu Puppies — Applesauce

This is Applesauce, my son Jakobi’s new Zhu Zhu pet.  He loves Zhu Zhu pets, and you can tell by the entire room dedicated to just Zhu Zhu things, i.e., playhouses, babies, cars, hamsters, and now puppies.  He was thrilled when our Zhu Zhu box arrived with two new rooms and two new puppies.  He immediately claimed “Pet Murphy” as his own soon changing his name to Applesauce.  His hamster’s name is Yogurt!
Zhu Zhu Puppies are part of the Zhuniverse where ZhuZhu Pets, Princesses, Babies, and Kung Zhu can be found.  With an extensive collection of rooms and new puppies, something for every child can be found.  They even have a hot dog cart.  If your kids are like most of the kids out there in the Zhuniverse, they can not wait to get their hands on these new pets.  What a great Easter basket present!


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