Zippies ID Tags

Zippies ID tags are the fun and easy way to label your children’s belongings.  My four year old son Tate and my one year daughter Reagan are both in daycare during the day while I work.  Many times I send items in with them to have at school and they turn up missing because I’m unable to label them appropriately.  I’m reluctant to label everything with a Sharpie for fear of ruining the item!  My son Tate has a certain toy that he always requests to bring to school but its so hard to keep it seperate from the other toys and be able to easily identify it.  The Zippies ID tags solved our dilemma!

Identify Your Belongings

Zippies ID tags have created a unique way to identify your belongings.  Zippies ID tags are designed to attach to your water bottles to clearly identify which one is yours.  This helps prevent the spread of germs which is so important during cold and flu season!  They are adjustable to fit water bottles of all size. The Zippies are made of a soft rubber and have a non-slip surface.  There is a durable elastic nylon cord with a push button slider that attaches easily to your items as well as a rugged carabiner clip.  There is an area on the back of the Zippie where you can write your child’s name and phone number.  Not only are the Zippies great for water bottles, you can also use them to identify backpacks, keys, luggage, the uses are endless.  Attach the Zippies to your child’s belt loop or as a necklace to identify them in case of an emergency.

Kids Identification System

Not only are Zippies a great kids indentification system, they are fun and colorful too!  Series #1 of the Zippies include 10 characters such as Flops, Chip, Faina, Tazmo and Kayla.  Each Zippie has a personality.  Tazmo, for example, is an orange and black tiger and will protect your belongings from strangers.    Not only are the Zippies popular with parents for a fun, unique way to identify your children’s belongings, but they are a big hit with the kids.  They will want to collect the whole set.  Zippies is offering an amazing deal right now!  Buy 5 zippies for $5.99, get 5 zippies for FREE.  Buy 10 zippies for $12.99, get 10 zippies FREE!!  What a great deal!  And just in time for the holidays!

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