zuuzs buying power

I needed a new washer. I needed a new dryer. My washer overflowed if you did not physically turn off the water. The sensor was broke and I just did not have the time to go buy  a new one. The dryer sounded like it had a dying, squeaky mouse in it or needed to be oiled really, really bad. Finally, after the house flooded yet once again, I decided to look for one. I had just got an email from zuuzs about their affiliate program and I thought let me check there. Who knows. I might even make some cash back.

Turns out I got a great deal. Home Depot was paying 2% cash back and having an online sale on appliances and was going to take away my old washer and dryer and had free delivery! That is a win-win all the way around. I ended up getting a commercial grade HE Maytag Centennial and an Amana Dryer. I was like a little kid in a candy store when they arrived. I was so excited that I had saved over $400 on my purchase and then increased my buying power on zuuzs so now I get even more cash back! It also made me happy when I was able to tuen all my faces to smiles. You can increase your buying power on zuuzs just by doing simple things like filling out your profile, inviting friends and making purchases. Almost any purchase! You can rent a car, book a hotel, a flight, buy flowers, shop at places you already go like Target and Walmart and get cash back! You can get the same things you can from the store, get free shipping in most cases and get cash back! All you have to do is actually use it. That was my problem, I forgot it was there, but in a few short transactions check out my cash back I have already earned! What are you waiting for? Join zuuzs and get cash back too!

Bloggers – If you are an affiliate, you can make money from other people signing up in your posts (like this one) and you can get an email of exclusive online deals and offers to help you learn and earn cash for you! After you sign up, navigate to the Affiliates section in the top and opt in to their blogging programs. You can get creatives like the one above between the paragraph and the one to the left to help advertise.

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