vegetables on a marketWhen it comes to improving your skin, nails and hair, there are hundreds of products that you can buy, all promising to be the miracle fix that you’re hoping for. But, whilst many cosmetics products can certainly product excellent results, the best way to improve the health and condition of your skin, hair and nails is from the inside out.

Our diets play a huge part in our appearance; eating unhealthy foods doesn’t just typically lead to weight gain and a fuller figure, but it can also contribute to dry, brittle hair and nails, flaky skin, and all three appearing dull and tired. By changing the foods that you eat and improving your diet, you won’t only see a difference in your silhouette; your hair, nails and skin will also thank you! We’ve listed some of the best foods to include in your diet to gain the best results.

Food #1. Hemp:

Hemp seeds are a very rich source of protein; in fact, they are one of the rare plant-based complete sources of protein out there. Protein is the main source of amino acids, which are the ‘building blocks’ of your skin, hair and nails and essential for healthy skin cell regeneration and skin elasticity. In addition, hemp seeds, flour and oil are also very high in omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, which are essential for keeping your skin hydrated, moisturized and plump. There are various further benefits of hemp and hemp oil; CBD oil is derived from hemp and can be used to relieve the symptoms of anxiety, stress and even depression that can all take their toll on your appearance.

Food #2. Fatty Fish:

Another excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids is fatty fish. Whilst salmon is often the go-to choice, there are many other tasty fish types that you can try, including mackerel, sardines, and anchovies. In fact, some experts say that since these types of fish are right at the bottom of the food chain, their short life-span means that they are less likely to have toxins such as mercury accumulating in them, making them a healthier choice.

Food #3. Spinach:

Spinach is well known for its ability to help improve your strength and energy, however, what you might not have been aware of is the excellent anti-aging properties found in this leafy vegetable. Spinach is very rich in beta carotene; in the body, this is converted into Vitamin A, an essential vitamin for reducing the signs of aging or tiredness in your skin, hair and nails. When it comes to your skin, eating more spinach will cause it to become smoother and suppler; vitamin A is essential for moisturizing the epidermis, in turn removing dead skin cells and helping to prevent the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. For optimum results, it’s a great idea to pair spinach with a food that is high in Vitamin C, such as lemon.

Food #4. Eggs:

Eggs are a hugely versatile food that can be used for any meal of the day. Not only do they make for a tasty and filling breakfast, you can also enjoy eggs on a sandwich for lunch and in a variety of dishes for your main meal. Whether you prefer them on toast or sliced up in a salad, there’s no denying that eggs are one of the best sources of protein available, making them ideal for improving the condition of your skin, hair and nails. One of the key ingredients found in eggs is sulfur, a nutrient that’s essential for producing collagen and keratin. These substances are both vital for the creation and maintenance of healthy, shining hair, strong nails and plump, glowing skin.

Food #5. Tomatoes:

If you are particularly worried about your skin, then eating more tomatoes can help. When it comes to skincare, tomatoes are truly superheroes – thanks to their high content of antioxidants, they can even help to protect your skin against sun damage. Along with using sunscreen or a moisturizer with sun protection factor (SPF) each time you step into the sun, increasing your tomato intake will help your body protect itself from the harmful UV rays.

Food #6. Pineapple:

The perfect, refreshing fruit for a warm summer day, pineapple isn’t just tasty and sweet – it’s also very rich in vitamin C. In addition, pineapple contains an enzyme known as bromelain, which is an effective skin softener which helps the body to synthesize collagen, which supports the structure of your skin. In addition, the vitamin C found in pineapple chunks or juice will aid in the repair of cells and tissue, giving you a more energized, healthy and youthful appearance.

Food #7. Oats:

Eating oatmeal for breakfast may be a fond childhood memory for some, but there’s much more that oats can do for you than simply keep you full throughout the day. Oats are extremely rich in zinc, magnesium, potassium and biotin; these key nutrients are essential for healthy hair maintenance and being deficient in any one of them can lead to a higher risk of brittle, dry and damaged hair.

Food #8. Garlic:

Well known for being one of nature’s best medicines, there isn’t much that garlic cannot help with when it comes to improving the health and appearance of your hair, skin and nails. Garlic is especially useful for your hair; the active compound that it forms when crushed, known as allicin, is turned into a range of fat- and water- soluble compounds when taken into the body via digestion or absorption. For improved hair, you can even apply garlic oil directly; this will improve the condition of your locks and has even been known to promote faster, healthy hair growth.

Food #9. Avocadoes:

Avocadoes are one of the best sources of healthy fats. Containing high amounts of A, D and E vitamins along with Omega-9 fatty acids, this fruit provides you with a variety of nutrients to aid in the development and maintenance of healthy skin, hair and nails. Avocadoes can be added to your diet in a multitude of ways; they can be eaten raw, turned into tasty dips, or eaten on toast with eggs for a healthy, tasty breakfast idea. Additionally, avocado oil can be used for cooking or dipping.

Food #10. Coconut:

Adequate hydration is essential for healthy hair, strong nails, and glowing skin. But, if you’re sick of drinking a lot of water, then you can also improve your hydration levels by eating certain foods, including coconut. The high water content in coconut is excellent for aiding with hydration; in addition, coconuts contain potassium, which is essential for helping nutrients move into the cells in your body. You might also want to try using coconut oil; this has a multitude of health benefits and can be either consumed with your food or applied directly to hair, skin or nails to strengthen and improve their condition.

Food #11. Red Bell Peppers:

Red peppers are one of the best sources of vitamin C – they contain even more than oranges! When it comes to your hair, skin, and nails, vitamin C is essential. It is an important factor in collagen production and is a powerful antioxidant which can help to maintain your skin’s healthy youthful glow. Free radicals in your skin are one of the biggest causes of damage; the antioxidants found in red bell peppers work to neutralize them, therefore reducing the signs of damage such as wrinkles, dryness and fine lines.

Food #12. Walnuts:

If you’re searching for a healthy snack that will help to curb your appetite while improving the condition of your skin, nails and hair, then look no further. Walnuts are great for snacking on and contain high amounts of both omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, which will help your body retain moisture. In turn, this will hydrate your hair, skin and nails, improving the strength, condition and shine. When it comes to your hair, the high protein content of walnuts gives your hair follicles a boost; promoting healthy growth and resulting in thicker, stronger locks.

Food #13. Collard Greens:

All green, leafy vegetables have excellent properties for health, however, collard greens are just one of the best options. This is because they are very high in vitamin C. Eating more collard greens will improve your antioxidant intake; in turn, you’ll be better equipped to fight the free radicals that cause damage to your hair, nails and skin. In addition, they have a high content of essential minerals such as potassium, magnesium, and calcium. Since they also have a high water content, they are very effective in improving hydration.

Food #14. Blueberries:

If you’re trying to increase the amount of fruit and vegetables that you eat per day, then snacking on berries is a great way to achieve this. In particular, blueberries are an especially good choice for improving the condition of your skin, hair and nails due to the high amounts of antioxidants that they contain, which will help to fight the signs of aging.

A healthy, nutrient-rich diet is one of the best ways to improve the appearance of your skin, hair and nails.