I love to decorate my house with decor you can’t just find anywhere.  I was so happy to be given the opportunity to review a set of giant custom wooden tiles from 15 Tangerines Etsy Shop.  They are so unique and look like scrabble tiles, complete with the little numbers on them, how cool is that?  What a perfect gift for the scrabble lover in your family or friend circle.  Our family enjoy’s playing games with words and letters so it was a perfect item to have for our house.

I chose the letter R (for Robyn) a heart and a J (for Josh)…when they arrived I put them up right away.  I didn’t say anything to my husband I just put them up, I wanted to see if he would notice.  It took him a few days (I mean he’s a guy he doesn’t notice stuff like that), he thought they were really cool!  The funny part about putting them up was that my 3.5 yr old daughter noticed them right away, she is so in tune with anything that changes in our house, she amazes me.  She said “mommy come look there are letters on the wall and a heart” I took the opportunity to test her letter recongition and said really what are the letters? She says ” R is for Raya (a little girl in her preschool class) and J is for Jacob (one of the boys in her class), apparently they are learning a lot in preschool. So I told her that R was for Robyn and J was for Josh as well and then she says “awww and the heart means love”!!!  Gotta love the things kids say.  Not only are the letters a new unique piece in our house but educational too!
The tiles are about 7″ x 7″and are made of a smooth pine with finished edges, the letters or symbols are vinyl.  They come complete with a saw tooth hanger for easy hanging.  I love these tiles! You can purchase a set of tiles like mine for $27.50 plus shipping.
15 Tangerines has a huge variety of items including: wooden name tiles/letter tiles, wall decals, unique dry erase boards, photo frames and decorative art tiles most of which can be customized.  I love their shop the items they carry are so cool, I would love to have all of them!  Ron and Claire the owners were fantastic to work with, they communicated with me at every step of the way and went above and beyond in the customer service department!  Check them out on Facebook!

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