traveling around the world

You can learn a lot by seeking adventure. No matter where you travel, you’re sure to find incredible people and cultures, and they’ll teach you valuable lessons that you’ll use for the rest of your life.

What I’ve Learned From Traveling Around The World:

  1. People are Kind and Helpful: You may think that people in other countries aren’t very friendly, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. People all over the world tend be quite kind and willing to help. Of course, learning a bit of the local language is a good idea.
  2. Traveling on a Budget is Easy: You can visit other countries on a budget, so you don’t need to be rich. Countries like Austria, Argentina, Germany, France, Uruguay, and others can be visited on the slimmest budget.
  3. Humans Want the Same Things: Regardless what country you travel to and who you speak with, you’ll realize that everyone wants the same things. These include love, security, and validation.
  4. It’s Easy to Find Amazing Things to Do: From annual festivals, to hikes, sunbathing on the beach, shopping, and dining, there are always things to do when traveling that will have you snapping photos and making memories. For example, if you’re traveling to London in hopes of finding exciting events to attend, click here to make your search easy. A simple Internet search can do wonders at locating great places to stay and play anywhere else in the world too.
  5. Be Adventurous When Trying Food: Local cuisine can be a little intimidating, but part of the adventure of traveling involves trying out different foods, so leave your fear behind and have a little fun as you dine on local meals that are surprisingly delicious.
  6. Getting Around is Easier Than You Think: When it comes to travelling in other countries, open yourself up to more than just a rental car. Hop on a bike or motorcycle to get around and enjoy the view. Or use public transportation like the locals do, especially if you’re in search of affordable options.
  7. Always Budget for Shopping: In addition to taking photographs everywhere I go, I also set aside money for souvenirs. There are craftspeople who are able to make incredible objects and works of art in every country, and you’ll definitely want to take a piece of that home with you.
  8. Slow Down: I’ve always been inspired by countries in which citizens take things more slowly than we do at home. This way of life is better for the soul, as you’re able to disconnect from the hustle and bustle, listen to your breath, take a look around, and feel gratitude. In many nations, this is their way of life, and I always miss it upon returning home.
  9. Making Mistakes is Okay: When travelling around the world, you’re bound to make a mistake here and there and maybe even get lost. But it’s okay because every mistake is a learning experience, and sometimes it takes you to a place you’ll love.
  10. Spend Plenty of Time Outside: Always take time to enjoy the great outdoors. This may be difficult during your everyday hectic life in the city, but in other countries where people are surrounded by mountains or beaches, it’s an integral part of life.
  11. Don’t Forget the Sunscreen: Believe it or not, there have been many times when I’ve ventured outside and forgotten my sunscreen. Don’t do it, no matter where you are.
  12. People Just Want to Have Fun: From children to the elderly, all humans want to have fun. Take in a good drink at a bar with friends, go out dancing, and enjoy music under the stars.
  13. Stay Active: Stagnation only leads to more laziness. I’ve seen elderly people in other countries in better shape than 20-somethings at home. Stay in shape and you’ll enjoy a more active retirement.
  14. Make New Friends: On trips when I’ve been able to make new friends, it’s always difficult to leave. Take the opportunity to make as many friends as possible.
  15. Don’t Be Afraid of Traveling Alone: Meeting people while travelling is surprisingly easy, so don’t be afraid to travel alone, get your thoughts together, and find your true self along the way.
  16. Don’t Be Afraid to Save Money: Spending too much money at once will only force you to head home sooner. Therefore, don’t be afraid to stay at a budget hotel or get food that’s not served at a 5-star restaurant.
  17. Keep in Touch with Your Loved Ones at Home: People will worry about you while you’re away, so make it a point to stay in touch regularly.
  18. Taking Someone Special Makes It More Special: Traveling with someone special, be it your best friend, a sibling, or your partner, is a great way to learn about each other and strengthen your bond.
  19. You’ll Learn More Than Ever: Nothing teaches like experience, so if you want to know more about how people in other countries live, or about the politics in a particular region, go there. You’ll be surprised by how much you’ll learn that can’t be taught in a classroom or book.
  20. No Regrets: Even after a not-so-fabulous trip, I never come home regretting the experience because I know that I had the opportunity to see a brand new place and experience new things.